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Montenegro is known as the paradise of the Balkans with its green mountains and turquoise sea. Due to its nature, friendly people and trustworthiness, it is highly appreciated by tourists. It is also cheaper than other European countries. The country’s capital is Podgorica. Apart from Montenegro, the official language, Serbian, Bosnian and Albanian languages are also spoken.

It is located in Southeast Europe. It is neighbor to Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, Serbia to the north, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west. It is located in the south of the Adriatic Sea.

Where is Moldova?


The territory of Moldova, which lies between the Lower Dniester and Prut rivers, is covered with low hills and alluvial plains. Plains take the appearance of a plateau as they rise north.


In Montenegro, which has been independent since 3 June 2006, heads of state are elected to serve for five years and can assume this post for a maximum of two terms. The prime minister is recommended by the president and requires parliament’s approval to take over. Members of the 81-seat parliament are elected directly. They are governed by a democratic regime.


The climate varies. However, it is generally under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. In high regions, terrestrial and temperate climate is seen in the valleys. Summers are dry and hot, winters are moist and rainy.


74 percent of the Orthodox Christians formed in the country, the second place is the Muslims, the third place is the Catholics.

Industry and Tourism

In Montenegro, which has undergone significant reforms for the transition to the market economy since the 1990s, more than 80 percent of state assets and most of the financial sector have been privatized. Depending on the landforms, the country’s mountainous areas in the northern part of the country, whose economic activities vary, are economically least developed. Mountain tourism in Montenegro is also one of the sources of income. However, the most important income of the country is derived from manufacturing industry, mining sector and especially aluminum production.


The most popular sports in Montenegro are football, basketball, water polo, volleyball and handball. Other important sports in the country are boxing, athletics, table tennis and chess.

Population: 629,296

Population Density: 47 per Km2

Land Area: 13,450 Km ²