National Foods by Countries

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You can find National Foods by Countries on the below map. Moreover, if you are a food lover you can find more information by clicking here about the world’s top ten best cuisines. In this article, we include some of our favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Did you ever taste one of these amazing foods? If so which one?

Or which one would you like to taste if you had a chance?

National foods by countries
National Foods by European Countries

Here are some of our favorites;


Wiener Schnitzel is one of the most popular and delicious foods of Austria. The original recipe is made of veal and served with mashed potatoes and lemon. There are similar variations that made with pork called as “Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein”.


Currywurst is a popular German food which made of pork sausage and consumed as a fast food. It is steamed and fried later and topped with curry ketchup. Currywurst is generally served with the French fries. Its original recipe was created in 1949 by Herta Heuwer.


Pasta is one of the oldest and most famous foods in the world. It is first found in Italy in, 1154. It consists of eggs and durum wheat flour. A dough is prepared with the proper ingredients and shaped in different variations and after boiling it is served with several sauces. Pasta can be found as dried or fresh in the markets.


Ćevapčići is thought to be a national food in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It is a very delicious grilled food prepared with minced meat. It typically looks like sausage but not like sausage it is skinless. How it is the traditional food of the two countries it is a very popular food in Southeastern Europe.


Goulash is a medieval food of Hungary. Based in Hungary it is a well-known food in Europe. Original goulash is prepared as stewed meat and vegetables with paprika and other spices.

Doner kebap

Doner is a very delicious Turkish food made of meat on a vertical rotisserie. It is a very old food first founded by Ottomans in the 18th century. The sliced meat is generally served with potatoes and pita and some green vegetables.


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