Number of Starbucks Stores by Country

Here is the answer of “Number of Starbucks Stores by Country“. Starbucks, which opened its first branch in 1971, has become the largest coffee shop in the world, especially with its expansion in the last 10 years. The annual revenue of Starbucks, which was $ 4.1 billion in 2003, rose by nearly 400% to $ 16.46 billion during the period up to 2014. At present, around 165,000 people work full-time in Starbucks worldwide, which has about 23,700 branches serving 75 countries around the world.

Countries where Starbucks is

Starbucks Availability WroldwideStarbucks Availability Wroldwide
On the map you see many countries where Starbucks is not. In the future, Starbucks is considering opening a store in Italy, one of the most developed countries of coffee culture. In addition, there is no Starbucks shop in Israel, where Starbuck has previously been found.

Why did Starbucks closed the shops in Israel: It may not be right to say anything about it, but Starbucks is said to have closed its stores in Tel Aviv to appease an anti-Israeli market in the Arab world.

Number of Starbucks Stores by Country

Number of Starbucks Stores WorldwideNumber of Starbucks Stores Worldwide
Starbucks, an American company, is quite common in the United States and has its largest branch here.

After America, Canada is coming. China, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan are the countries with the most Starbucks stores.

Starbucks facts

1. Starbucks was opened in 1971 by two teachers and one author at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, USA.

2. The idea of Starbucks comes from a novel character. It comes from the character of Starbucks, the second captain of Captain Ahab in the book Moby Dick.

3. Starbucks served as Cargo House until an advertising agency offered to use their current name.

4. Starbucks Grande Coffee contains 320 mg of caffeine. This is four times the Red Bull caffeine ratio.

5. An average Starbucks customer comes to Starbucks 6 times a month. This figure is up to 16 in 20 out of every 100 customers.

6. Starbucks spends more money on insurance for its employees than for the cost of the coffee it sells. Starbucks spends $ 600 million a year on its employees’ insurance while spending $ 300 million on the cost of the coffee it sells.

7. In Starbucks, 93 million gallons of milk are consumed each year. That figure means 155 Olympic swimming pools are filled in one shot.

8. Starbucks consumes 2.3 billion paper cups each year. This number corresponds to 1 in 3 of the world’s population.