Polish Currency/What is the Currency of Poland?

The currency of Poland is Złoty.

Zloty’s sign is zł and its code is PLN. Złoty is only used for złoty, which is the singular figure, the złote is used for pluralities. Ziłoty in dialectic means polish in gold. 1 Złoty consists of 100 Groszy. If you have Euro or Dollars, you can exchange these currencies in almost every Foreign Exchange Office or Bank in Poland.

There have been serious debates over whether Poland should use the Euro for many years; however, according to the latest government statement; In the next 5 years, Poland will not leave Złoty and use the Euro. At least the Polish economy is expected to reach a more stable point. Złoty, unaffected by the fluctuating exchange rate movements in the eurozone, is also gaining value at the same time. Economic reforms in Poland can be very effective in this regard.

Coins and Banknotes


Coins: 1gr, 2gr, 5gr, 10gr, 20gr, 50 gr, 1zł, 2zł, 5zł.

Banknotes: 10zł, 20zł, 50zł, 100zł, 200zł, 500zł.