Provinces of Rwanda

Provinces of Rwanda. There are five provinces in Rwanda. There are also 31 municipalities. In the country consisting of 12 administrative regions until January 1, 2006, the new administrative legislation adopted on that date and the administrative regions were reduced to five. Furthermore, the regions have the name “province” since 2012.

Especially, in order to put an end to the past about the genocide of Rwanda in 1994, the national flag, the national anthem as well as the regions have been rearranged. Before 2006, twelve provinces of the country were: Butare, Byumba, Cyangugu, Gikongoro, Gisenyi, Guitar, Kibungo, Kibuye, Kigali, Kigali Rural, Ruhengeri and Umutara.

Below you can see the provinces of Rwanda on the map.

Provinces of Rwanda

Provinces of Rwanda

Kigali (Umujyi wa Kigali)


Kigali City is the capital city. Furthermore, It has a population of 1,132,686. Also, its surface area is 730 square kilometers.

Southern (Amajyepfo)


Nyanza is the capital. Moreover, it has a population of 2,589,975. The surface area is 5,963 square kilometers.

Western (Iburengerazuba)


Kibuye is the capital. It has a population of 2,471,239. The surface area is 5,883 square kilometers.

Northern (Amajyaruguru)


Byumba is the capital. It has a population of 1,726,370. The surface area is 3,276 square kilometers.

Eastern (Iburasirazuba)


Rwamagana is the capital. It has a population of 2,595,703. The surface area is 9,458 square kilometers.