Public Holidays in Italy

Please note that at this time all official offices and most of the museums are closed. If you take these days into consideration when you are planning your holidays, you can spend a more productive and more convenient holiday.

January 1, New Year

January 6, Epiphany

Epiphany is defined as the day when the newborn Jesus was visited by three angels.

April 1, Easter

Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians. After a five-week preparation period called the great diet, the last week called holy week comes and ends with Easter Sunday.

April 2, Easter Monday

The day after Easter Sunday is the holiday.

April 25, Liberation Day

Since April 25, 1949, it is officially celebrated as “Liberation Day”.

May 1, Labour Day

June 2, Republic Day

After the Second World War, Italy accepted the Republican monarchy with a referendum held on 2 June 1946. Italy celebrates every year on June 2, the Republic Day.

June 24, The Feast of St. John

In Genoa and Turin Celebrations are held on behalf of John the Baptist (San Giovanni Battista).

June 29, The Feast of St Peter and St Paul

The Feast of St Peter and St Paul (La Festa di San Pietro e Paolo) is an annual public holiday in Rome.

August 15, Mother Mary Day, Ferragasto

September 19, St. Genaro Day

November 1, All Saints’ Day

December 7, St. Ambrose Day

December 8, Immacolata Day

25 December, Noel

December 26, St. Stefan Day

December 31, New Year