Public Holidays in Lithuania

In Lithuania, one of the countries with the least holidays in Europe, these days are as follows:

January 1

Almost as in the whole world, the first day of the year is also holiday in Lithuania. People who have fun until morning do not work here the next day. It can be difficult to find an outdoor restaurant or market. Being prepared is also beneficial.

February 16

It is the feast of independence won in 1918, or in other words the re-establishment of the Republic. On the day known as “Lieutuvos valstybes atkurimo diena”, places like banks, government offices are closed.

March 11

It is the feast of independence won in 1990. Official holiday. It is known as “Lietuvos nepriklausomybes atkurimo diena”.

March – April

The first full moon of spring is celebrated on Easter Sunday in the country. It is usually celebrated between March 22 and April 25, although it varies from year to year as it is calculated according to the lunar calendar. Lithuanian is Velykos.

May 1

Labor Day. It is known as “Tarptautine darbo diena”. Official holiday. At the same time, the acceptance of Lithuania to the European Union has also taken place today.

June 24

The night that connects the 23 June to 24 June, the longest day of the year, is the highlight of Lithuania. The day, known as Jonines or Rasos, is based on pagan traditions. In Christian culture It’s known as John’s Day.

July 6

It is known as the Republic or King Mindaugas day. Today Mindaugas is wearing a crown for the first time.

August 15

According to Christian belief, the day that the Virgin Mary, who completes the mission in the world, is taken to the gods.

November 1

Visu sventuju diena. It’s the next day of Halloween. It is celebrated as the Day of the Saints. People go to the cemeteries and burn candles. You can witness beautiful images.

December 25 – 26

Christmas Eve is on the evening of December 24th. The next two days are free. Everyone gets home and hangs out with his family. It is also useful to make a 2-day stock beforehand.