Public Holidays in Spain

Here below you can find the national public days in Spain.

January 1

New Year Holiday

January 5-6

The Hall of Epiphany

Orthodox Churches celebrate on the 6th day of January every year as Epiphany Day. Moreover, on the day of Jesus’ baptism, the memorial of three legendary wise men (saints) who brought to him the golden stars, incense, and myrrh are also kept alive.

May 1

Labour Day

June 23-24

St. John’s Day

August 15

Assumption of Mother Mary

One of the biggest festivals in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, “Assumption of Mother Mary” is celebrated on 15 August or the Sunday closest to it, according to church traditions.

September 11

Catalan National Day

Every year on 11th of September, celebrations commemorate the Catalonia armies defeated during the Spanish Succession War. The Catalonian army supported both the claims of the Habsburg dynasty in the Spanish sovereignty in the War of Succession while colliding for Catalonia’s independence. They received a great defeat on September 11, 1714, by V. Felipe, the founder of the Bourbon dynasty in Spain. Between July 25, 1713, and September 11, 1714, the Siege of Barcelona was finally overturned and the Bourbon-Spanish army captured the city. Thus, the Catalans lost their important rights.

September 24

La Mercè Festival

Every year close to the end of September Barcelona holds its largest street party, the Barcelona La Mercè Festival. The festival, which officially first took place in 1902, is like a goodbye to the summer and welcome to the cooler months of autumn.

October 12

Columbus Day

Also, the second Monday of October in America is the Columbus Day to commemorate Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492.

November 1

The Day of the Saints, the holy day of all saints known and unknown in Christianity. On November 1 in the West Churches, on the first Sunday after Hamsin (Pentecost) in the Eastern Churches.

6 Aralık

Constitution Day

December 8

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 25-26


Easter holidays are celebrated at different times each year.