Regions of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago country. In Cape Verde, the islands are divided into two different regions. The northern islands are called the Barlavento Islands, while the southern islands are called Sotavento Islands.

It is an African country in West Africa, in the central part of the Atlantic, off the coast of Senegal and Mauritania. It consists of ten islands and eight islets. The three largest is Santiago, Santo Antao, and Boa Vista. The capital Praia is on Santiago Island.

Regions of Cape Verde Map

In Cape Verde, where temperate climate is dominant, periodic droughts are observed due to high temperatures and irregular precipitation. The islands are of volcanic origin. Form of Government / State Structure Presidential Type is Republic. Cape Verde consists of fourteen parts under Barlavento Islands and Sotavento Islands. These sections are Boa Vista, Brava, Fogo, Maio, Paul, Praia, Porto Novo, Ribeira Grande, Sal, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente, Tarrafal.

Two Regions of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is divided into two island groups called Barlavento Islands and Sotavento Islands. Important Cities are Praia (Santiago Island), Mindelo (São Vicente), Cidade Velha (Santiago), Espargos (Sal), Assomada (Sal) and Santa Maria (Santiago).

Barlavento Islands


Another name is the Windward Islands, a collection of islands located in the north of Cape Verde, Barlavento Islands. Barlavento Islands is divided into two sub-regions: the western islands and eastern islands. Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Santa Luzia, Branco and Raso are the islands in the western island sub-region. Sal and Boa Vista are the islands in the eastern island sub-region. The total area of the northern islands is 2,239 square kilometers. The land of Barlavento Islands is barren and the weather is usually hot.

Sotavento Islands


Another name is Leeward Islands which is a collection of islands located in the south of Sotavento Islands, Cape Verde. There are four main islands in this region. Brava, Fogo and Santiago islands in the west of the region are the oldest living areas of Cape Verde. The economics of the Maio island, located in the far east, consist of salt production. The total area of Sotavento Islands is 1,803 square kilometers. The islands are of volcanic origin and have a tropical climate. Drought is the biggest problem.