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Flag Capital Municipalities of San Marino

San Marino is a European country built on a large rock that rises in the middle of the plain. The Three Towers of San Marino are in the flag and coat of arms of the country. The capital is San Marino, with the same name as the country. The official language of the country is Italian. Euro is used as currency.

It is located on a small hill in the Apennine Mountains in the Italian peninsula in southern Europe. The four sides are also surrounded by Italy. It is one of the five micro-states of Europe.

Where is San Marino?


The area of San Marino is 61.2 square kilometers. San Marino, a border with Italy, has no sea border. The terrain consists of rugged mountains. The highest point is Monte Titano with 755 m. Land suitable for agriculture constitutes 17% of the land use.


San Marino is a democratic republic led by multi-party representation democracy. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is used both in the government and in the grand and general council. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislative body. The country has a constitution of 1600, the oldest constitution of Europe. Two captains took over the executive task. These captains are renewed every 6 months. Captain elections are held at the Great Council. The 60 members of the Grand Council come to work with free elections for 5 years. There is no other country in the world where the executive power has been changed frequently.

San Marino is divided into 9 administrative regions. Each region has its own local council. According to many scholars, San Marino is the only country where real Democracy is practiced.


The Mediterranean climate prevails. Summers are hot, winters are warm.


The majority of the country’s population is composed of people of Christian religion.

Industry and Tourism

The most important share in the country’s gross domestic product is tourism with 50%. In 1997, 3.3 million people visited the country. More than 3 million people visit San Marino every year. The remaining 50% belongs to economic activities such as banking, electronics, and ceramics. An important part of the San Marino population is engaged in agriculture. The country produces the most cheese and wine in the agricultural sector.

San Marino, where millions of people visit each year, is built on a large rock that rises in the middle of a plain. The medieval towers, the church of San Francesco, the basilica where the holy objects of St. Marino are displayed, and the government building constitute the historic decor of San Marino.


The country’s only national team, the sports field, is football. The San Marino national football team had a total of 126 games, of which only one could be won. The team won its only win against Liechtenstein with a single goal.

Population: 33,630

Population Density: 561 per Km2

Land Area: 60 Km ²