Spanish Cuisine / What to Eat in Spain?

When it comes to Spanish cuisine, paella comes first. This very famous dish of the Valencia region almost stamped the Spanish cuisine. Paella; It is an extremely delicious rice dish includes chicken meat, fish, and seafood. Paella is a meal that combines the culinary cultures of the Romans and Arabs who have historically occupied Spain.

Influence of Andalusia

Gazpacho, a type of cold soup that is very popular in Spanish cuisine, is especially common in Andalusia. The name derived from an Arabic word meaning “wet bread” is also an indication of the interaction with Arabs throughout history. The most common gazpacho meal consists of tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, bread, onion, cucumber and green pepper not cooked and darkened with breadcrumbs. Toasted bread pieces are served with chopped vegetables and solid eggs. Made in the province of Malaga in Andalusia and is a very original taste.


Different parts of Andalusia, Spain’s most populous region, have their own specialties. For example, along with the coast, a variety of seafood, paella in Sevilla, and delicious aroma gazpacho in Cordoba are the most popular of them.

Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, has gained unique tastes to Spanish cuisine due to its long occupation of the Arab occupation. The Andalusian cuisine is under the influence of the cuisines of the North African countries. It consists mainly of carbohydrate foods. Also, it occupies a great place in the seafood kitchens thanks to the coasts to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Wheat, grapes, and olives make up traditional agricultural products. Eggs, tomatoes, garlic, onions, olives, and peppers are also abundant in this kitchen.


The foods named Tapas are an important taste that enriches the pieces of Spanish food. You can find these in small bars/restaurants ‘Tasca‘. Tapas served in small portions in small glasses accompanied by a glass of wine or beer are mostly made from dishes with cheese, meat, egg vegetables.

Olive oil, the symbol of the Mediterranean cuisine, is also and ingredients in almost every meal and salad in Spain. The main ingredients of Spanish desserts are honey, almonds and egg whites. This reflects the influence of the Arabic food culture that has lived in these regions for many years.