Swiss Cuisine/What to Eat in Switzerland?

Swiss cuisine is both delicious and varied. Cheese dishes in the French regions of the country Fondue and Raclette, in the German region: sausages, fried meat and rosti, in the Gruabunden region: Bündnerfleish and ham made from dried beef outdoors, in the Ticino region: you should try Italian food.

Traditional Foods in Switzerland


It’s a traditional meal that you can find in most parts of Switzerland.

The fondue is an interesting type of meal and its preparation is even more interesting: In a container called caquelon, the guests gather at the top of the cheese, which is melted in white wine, and with long-stemmed fondue forks: they put the bread into this mixture.

Sometimes, mushrooms and tomatoes are added to this mixture.



Of course cheese. Switzerland is a country where cattle breeding is intense. So, ultimately, Switzerland is the world’s fifth largest producer of cheese. Traditional cheeses are produced using traditional production methods.

Cheese is usually served with hors-d’oeuvre or baked potatoes at dinner. It is also available in fondue or raclette.

In the country, the following types of cheese are:

Emmental: This is a kind of perforated and sweet cheese. This is the most famous and beautiful cheese genus.

Apyenzell: The taste of this type of cheese is more intense.

Gruyere cheese: Fresh, semi-salty and salty varieties. Usually, in this cheese, hazelnut aroma is dominant.

Sbrinz: It is a tough cheese type.

Tomme: A kind of fresh and soft cheese. Sometimes it is mixed with cumin.

Reblochon: It is an oiled and more durable type of cheese.



Basler mehlsuppe: It is a flour soup of the city of Basel. They consume during the Carnival times, especially in the morning.

Brotsuppe: specific to the city of Lucerne. It is a kind of bread-soup.


Geschnitzeltes kalbfleish

Geschnitzeltes kalbfleish: A kind of beef with cream. Available in slices.

Berner platte: This is also called the plate of Bern. Inside: beef, sausage and sauerkraut or green beans and potatoes.



Schublig: a kind of pork sausage. In particular, it is a prominent type of food in German-speaking regions.

Bratwurst mit zwiebelsauce: It is a kind of sausage made from beef. Served with onion sauce.


Zuger kirchtorte

In the country, after meals fruit pie is eaten.

Zuger kirchtorte: specific to Zug region. Contains cherry liquor. It is made with carrots and eggs, fruits with almonds and cinnamon are added. Have a great taste, try it.



Many chocolate varieties are produced in the country. These are alcoholic, hazelnut and many other kinds. In Switzerland, there are prominent chocolate brands. For example the world-renowned Nestle is produced in this country. You should definitely taste, you can even buy gifts.


The cantons that stand out for wine are Valais, Vaud and Geneva.

White wines made from the Chasselas and Sylvaner grapes are very good.

The most common wine is fruity fendant.

From the wines of the Valais region, the highlights are Humagne Blanc, Petite Arvine and Amigne.

All the wines produced in the German-speaking regions are of the highest quality. Especially Hallauer, Maienfelder, Klevner wines can be preferred.

Other Drinks

Swiss beers are sold in both kegs and bottles. Apart from that, in Switzerland, beautiful fruit cognacs are produced. After dinner, you can try these cognacs.

Other than that there are fruit liquors. Especially in Basel and Zug regions: I suggest you try the apple, plum and cherry liqueurs. Already, in particular, before you leave the country, you can buy gift liquor, for yourself or for your relatives.



In the country, “milchkaffe” is the indispensable drink of breakfast. Served hot and milky. It is light. Served with a cream in a small cup.