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Turkey Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 496Colors and the Meaning of the Turkey Flag Turkish Flag is the official flag of the Republic of Turkey and the national flag. It consists of white Crescent and Star symbols on red, and was first adopted in 1844 in the Ottoman State. Flag, formed by the Turkish Flag Law No. 2994 on 29 […]


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)/NATO Map

Hits: 2696NATO, in its full name, is an international military alliance of the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization“. It was founded on April 4, 1949, based on the North Atlantic Treaty signed by 12 countries. Also, more than 17 countries have participated in different periods. Moreover, NATO member states have a common defense mechanism against an […]

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European Union (EU)/European Union Map

Hits: 3004The European Union (EU) is a family of democratic European countries, working to improve the lives of its citizens and create a better world. Despite the divergence of opinion and occasional crises in the news among the Member States, in fact, far from the cameras, the EU is a remarkable success story. Moreover, the […]

Warsaw Pact/Members, History, Map

On May 14, 1955, the Republics of the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact. In addition to this state, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, East Germany and Albania (withdrew in 1968) became members of the organization. With the help of the Russian rulers, the Warsaw Pact was established to defend Eastern European countries against a NATO […]

Balkan Countries Map Featured

Balkan Countries/What are the Balkan Countries?

Hits: 1195Balkan Countries / What are the Balkan Countries? The name of the region is the Balkan word in Turkish. This is stated by the Turkish Language Association as “the territory of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, and Thrace”. In many sources, the list of Balkan Countries […]

Defraudation in Europe and in the World

Hits: 621Even if people, countries or events are different, the bleeding scandal of the public sector around the world is the same: “In many countries, the situation has become even worse, compared to last year, which is extremely alarming.” These words belong to Finn Heinrich, Research Director of Transparency International. In these content you will […]

Minimum Wage by European Countries – Monthly

Hits: 1545Minimum Wage is the lowest monthly wage earned by employees in one country. Governments of the countries determine and implement this fee. The determination of these fees may vary from country to country. Generally, the criterias of the fee are; the social and economic situation in the country, livelihood indexes, the general condition of […]

Capitals of European Countries

Capitals of European Countries

Hits: 641 Capitals of European Countries Here below you can find the whole list Albania Capital City: Tirana Population: 800,986 Located in the center of the country Tirana is the most populous city of Albania. Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza is the only airport that serves the ones who wants to enter the city by airway. […]