Grenada Flag Map

Grenada Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 131Colors and the Meaning of the Grenada Flag The flag of Grenada is composed of four triangles, two of which are yellow (above and below) and two of them are green, surrounded by a rectangle divided in red. There are seven yellow five-pointed stars on the flag. Three of them are in the red […]

Burundi Flag Map

Burundi Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 120Colors and the Meaning of the Burundi Flag Burundi flag is multiplied by placing white strips on each end corner. The triangles formed as a result of these strips, the upper and lower parts of the red colored, left and right side of the triangles are colored with green. In the middle of the […]

Zimbabwe Flag Map

Zimbabwe Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 146Colors and the Meaning of the Zimbabwe Flag Zimbabwe flag consists of stripes which horizontally divide the flag into seven equal parts and are respectively green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow and green. On the lowered side of the flag, there is an isosceles triangle with a white background and a black frame, positioned […]

Guyana Flag Map

Guyana Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 171Colors and the Meaning of the Guyana Flag The flag of Guyana was launched on May 26, 1966, and started to be used. The isosceles triangular yellow, extending from the side where the flag was raised to the other side, is yellow. This triangle also called the golden spearhead in the country, symbolizes the […]

Sri Lanka Flag Map

Sri Lanka Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 146Colors and the Meaning of the Sri Lanka Flag The Sri Lanka flag consists of a yellow/orange background and is divided into two parts. On the left side, there are two strips of orange and green, on the right side, there is a symbol of a walking lion holding a sword in a red […]

Tanzania Flag Map

Tanzania Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 182Colors and the Meaning of the Tanzania Flag Tanzania flag was the result of the unification of the Republic of Zanzibar People’s Republic and the Republic of Tanganyika as a state. Starting from the lower left corner of the flag, a thick black stripe extending to the upper right section divides the flag into […]

Haiti Flag Map

Haiti Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 206Colors and the Meaning of the Haiti Flag In Haiti, two flags are used, national and official flags, and the flag has changed many times in the history of the country. It consists of red and blue stripes that divide the flag horizontally on both flags. While the national flag is in use with […]

Dominican Republic Flag Map

Dominican Republic Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 235Colors and the Meaning of the Dominican Republic Flag The flag of the Dominican Republic consists of blue, red and white colors. The white cross, which horizontally and vertically divides the flag into four equal parts, symbolizes the nation that lost its life during the struggle for independence. The red color is the flowing blood […]

Taiwan Flag Map

Taiwan Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 208Colors and the Meaning of the Taiwan Flag The Taiwan Flag was used as a party symbol of the Kuomintang, which was created during the Chinese revolution and later established in Taiwan. The flag consists of a blue rectangle positioned on the upper left corner of a red background and covered by a quarter […]