North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)/NATO Map

Hits: 2683NATO, in its full name, is an international military alliance of the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization“. It was founded on April 4, 1949, based on the North Atlantic Treaty signed by 12 countries. Also, more than 17 countries have participated in different periods. Moreover, NATO member states have a common defense mechanism against an […]

Turkic Council Map Universal

Turkic Council/Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States/Turkic Council Map

Hits: 117Founded in 2009 as an international organization to promote comprehensive cooperation between Turkish-speaking countries. The founding members of the Turkish Council are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey. Establishment of the Turkic Council According to the Nakhchivan Agreement of 3 October 2009 and the Istanbul Declaration of 16 September 2010, the member countries of TDİK […]

eu flag

European Union (EU)/European Union Map

Hits: 2981The European Union (EU) is a family of democratic European countries, working to improve the lives of its citizens and create a better world. Despite the divergence of opinion and occasional crises in the news among the Member States, in fact, far from the cameras, the EU is a remarkable success story. Moreover, the […]