Switzerland Flag Map

Switzerland Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 209Colors and the Meaning of the Switzerland Flag The Swiss flag consists of a white cross symbol on a red square background. The white cross on the red base represents the belief in Christianity. Swiss flag in the traditional sense represents freedom, honor, and loyalty. The Swiss flag in modern times also represents neutrality, […]


Tourism in Switzerland, Travel to Switzerland

Tourism in Switzerland, Travel to Switzerland. Switzerland, one of Europe’s most prosperous countries, is breathtaking with its magnificent geography, which hosts beautiful natural wonders. Switzerland, the country of Heidi, is located on the northern and southern slopes of the Alps. Glacier valleys are located in the high peaks of the Alps, which are divided into […]

What is the Capital of Switzerland?

Hits: 105What is the Capital of Switzerland? The capital of Switzerland was Bern. The city is also the fourth largest city in the country and the capital of Canton of Bern. The majority of those living in Bern speak German, or more specifically Bern. In the Canton of Bern people generally, speak French. When did […]