The Capitals that Danube River Passes Through

The Capitals that Danube River Passes Through. There are five capitals in Europe which Danube River passes through. The capital cities where the Danube River crosses from west to east, respectively; Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest.
Danube River MapDanube River Map
It is the starting point of the Danube River in Ulm, 90 km from Stuttgart. Historically and traditionally Ulm is the city of Independent Empires. Albert Einstein’s birthplace has become a city of international fame. Here are the capitals of the Danube River.

1. Austria – Vienna


It is the first stop of the Danube river and the capital and largest city of Austria. This historic city is located south of the Danube River. The Danube River is divided into several branches due to the islands in this basin. The Danube continues to Bratislava from here. 10% of the Danube River is located in this country.

2. Slovakia – Bratislava


Located on both the Hungarian and Austrian border, this city is the capital and largest city of Slovakia. It is the only Slovak city on the banks of the Danube River. This is the second world capital with two states in the world in this way. The Danube River continues from here to Budapest. 5.9% of the Danube River is within the territory of this country.

3. Hungary – Budapest


It is the capital of Hungary, formed by the combination of the Buda and Pest regions on both sides of the Danube River. The Danube continues from here to Belgrade in the south. 11.6% of the Danube River lies within the borders of this country.

4. Serbia – Belgrade


Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, wandered completely and then extended to Bulgaria, giving the Serb the name ‘Sava’. But this river they call ‘Sava’ is one of the three basins separated by the Danube River. The length of this river is about 990 km and its basin is 95,719 square kilometers. Combined with the Danube river in the middle of Belgrade, this basin passes through the borders of the four countries in the west, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia, before reaching Belgrade. The Danube River runs from here to Bucharest. 10.2% of the Danube is in this country.

5. Romania – Bucharest


One of the last stops of the Danube River, this city is the capital of Romania. Bucharest is situated on the banks of the Danube River, on the banks of the Dambovita, in the middle of the Romanian Plain. This area, which has been under the sovereignty of the Ottoman State for a long time, is one of the historical cities of Europe. The Bucharest Castle, one of the symbols of the city, was built by Vlad the Impaler to protect Targoviste, the capital of the Wallachia State, against the Ottomans. It continues to the Black Sea near the border line of Bulgaria and Romania. The largest part of the Danube River is in the territory of this country with 29%.