The World’s Best and Most Entertaining Music Festivals

There are some things that we say about; “Before I die, I must do absolutely.” On this list we will share The World’s Best and Most Entertaining Music Festivals. Music festivals with beautiful shows, unlimited music, the chance to meet different cultures from different countries and colorful scenes.

1. NOS Alive Festival, Portugal

It’s one of the best festivals in the world that can make your lips blow up with your line-ups. It is a music festival that, in its time, has played legendary groups such as Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Foals, and Ratatat, which keeps the memories that many people can not forget.

2. Roskilde Festival, Denmark

It is one of the greatest music festivals in the world, where about 90 thousand people watch each year, where five major main stages are held, and world famous bands stage the vast tent plains.

3. Primavera Sound, Spain

It would be so much better to leave the business and go to Spain, cut down on spending and buy tickets. The organization is both good quality and authentic.

4. Melt Festival, Germany

It is an electronic music festival held every year since 1999 in Ferropolis, Germany. It is built on an open air museum where huge business machines dating back to the 20th century are found.

5. Download Festival, France

It was a festival hosted by legendary musicians like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Marilyn Manson. You will be excited as you rush into the stage from the stage.

6. Exit Festival, Serbia

Exit festival is a really good organization. Tourists must go to Serbia to visit this festival. Serbs are very successful in festival and organization.

7. Sziget Festival, Hungary

The smile on their faces is enough to tell them how much time they have spent, even though they are mud and scum on top of those returning from the festival. The Sziget festival, held on the island of Obudai in the middle of the Danube River, is a festival where you will be able to see some of the legendary names such as Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Placebo and Rasmus.

8. Glastonbury Festival, England

For fathers, this festival is unlimited. Get ready for the biggest outdoor festival in the world. The first is a 3-day festival organized by the Piton Festival on September 19-20, 1970 and is described as a kind of rock star. This festival is a festival in which there are different kinds of concerts and theater, circus and cabaret shows are held in 8-10 different stages.

9. Tomorrowland, Belgium

Tomorrowland is a legendary legend, a festival of dreams of every genie, a music festival called Disneyland, stamped the world and millions of people from every country, even private planes. Tickets can be consumed very quickly. You have to buy a ticket within 4-5 hours from the time of sale. Otherwise, you may have to take exorbitant prices from the black market.

10. Coachella Festival, United States of America

It’s music, camp, and entertainment. How pleasant is it, is not it? It is a festival with wonderful line-ups that bring together both the old and the new. The festival’s tickets are consumed within hours, waiting for hours under 40 degrees, waiting for hours in front of the stage.