Top 10 Largest Countries of Europe

The total number of countries that are in Europe and recognized by the United Nations is 43. Europe, Russia, and Turkey are both countries with territory in both the Asian continent. A small portion of Russia’s and Turkey’s located on the European continent. At the same time, Turkey and Russia have more surface area of all European countries. Here are the top 10 largest countries in Europe.

top 10 countries of Europe

1. France


France is the country with the largest surface measurement in Europe. France is ranked 43rd in the list of largest countries in the world. It has a size of 643,801 square kilometers. France has a lot of overseas lands, but these lands are not included in the euro area. The terrestrial area of France is 640,427 km2 and the water area is 3,374 km2.

World Rank: 43
Surface Area: 643.801 km2
Inland Area: 640.427 km2 (%99,48)
Water Area: 3.374 km2 (%0,52)

2. Ukraine


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with 603,628 sq. km. At the same time, Ukraine is the 46th largest country in the world. The territorial area of Ukraine is 579.330 km2 and the water area is 24.220 km2.

World Rank: 46
Surface Area:
603.628 km²
Inland Area: 579.330 km2 (%95,99)
Water Area: 24.220 km2 (%4,01)

3. Spain


Spain is the third largest country in Europe and the 52nd largest country in the world. The face of Spain is 505,992 km2. The terrestrial area is 498.980 km2 and the water area is 6.390 km2.

World Rank: 52
Surface Area:
505.992 km2
Inland Area: 498.980 km2 (%98,74)
Water Area: 6.390 km2 (%1,26)

4. Sweden


Sweden is the 4th largest country in Europe and the 56th largest country in the world. The face of Sweden is 450,295 km2. The terrestrial area is 410.335 km2 and the water area is 39.960 km2.

World Rank:  56
Surface Area:
450.295 km2
Inland Area: 410.335 km2 (%91,13)
Water Area: 39.960 km2 (%8,87)

5. Germany


Germany is the 5th largest European country and the 63rd largest country in the world with a surface area of 357,114 km2. The territorial area of Germany is 348.672 km2 and the water area is 8.350 km2

World Rank: 63
Surface Area:
357.114 km2
Inland Area: 348.672 km2 (%97,66)
Water Area: 8.350 km2 (%2,34)

6. Finland


World Rank: 66
Surface Area:
338.424 km²
Inland Area: 303.815 km2 (%89,85)
Water Area: 34.330 km2 (%10,15)

7. Norway


World Rank: 69
Surface Area:
323.802 km²
Inland Area: 304.282 km2 (%93,97)
Water Area: 19.520 km2 (%6,03)

8. Poland


World Rank: 71
Surface Area:
312.679 km²
Inland Area: 311.888 km2 (%99,98)
Water Area: 791 km2 (%0,02)

9. Italy


World Rank: 73
Surface Area:
301.336 km²
Inland Area: 294.140 km2 (%97,61)
Water Area: 7.200 (%2,39)

10. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

World Rank: 80
Surface Area:
242.900 km²
Inland Area: 241.930 km2 (%99,31)
Water Area: 1.680 km2 (%0,69)