Tourism in Albania, 10 Reasons to Visit Albania

Tourism in Albania, 10 Reasons to Visit Albania. Tourism in Albania is one of the important elements of the economic activity of the country, but it is developing at the same time. In the classical period, the Ilirians and Greeks lived in the region. In the following centuries the Romans were occupied by the Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans and kneaded with these cultures. Especially the country has pristine beaches, mountainous scenery, delicious traditional dishes, archaeological works and unique traditions.

Albania, which has become increasingly popular, visited approximately 5 million tourists in 2017. Here are 10 reasons to go to Albania.

1. Nature

Albania is a country governed by communist regime over 50 years. As a result, it continued its existence as a closed country for a long time. Obviously, this situation has many negative impacts on Albanian society. However, it is also true that this situation is the most natural of Albania. Because even in Albania today it is possible to swim in many untouched coves and beaches. In the coastal towns, tourism consciousness has only recently settled, most of the townspeople have turned their own house into a pension and this event makes visitors very happy. Because they can find all kinds of local food and drink in home-pensions.

2. Gjirokaster


The name Gjirokaster, dating back to ancient Greece and meaning silver city, impresses at first sight. The city resembles a medieval British town with its castle, stone houses and mansions.

3. Himara


Due to its somewhat geographical structure and a little distance from the south, lazy tourists and southern coasts, which do not attract so many families, are the indispensable destination for young people. The region has begun to attract attention of the international tourism authorities with its natural beauty and lack of restoration, and recently the area has become a new alternative place for foreign tourists.

4. Ksamil


In the southernmost part of Albania, the tranquil coastal towns of the country and the three beautiful islands of Ksamil are just across the island of Corfu in Greece. So it is possible to say that both of them have a slight influence on each other’s culture. You can put these beaches, which resemble Bahamas and Greek islands, on the list of sightseeings in Albania.

5. Tirana


Tirana, the capital since the time of the Kingdom, is a great place for those who want to see Albania’s urbanized side and identity, and get to know the country better. There are many political regimes in Tirana that have ruled today from the Ottomans. This, of course, is inherently a complex history of the country, and is therefore crucial to a better understanding of the Albanian people.

6. Albanian Alps

Albanian Alps

A large part of Albania’s unseen part is made up of steep and high mountains. This geographical structure plays an important role in the fact that the country is still of this magnitude. Once upon a time, these mountains, home to gangs, partisans and many rebels, now host mountaineers and hikers. The Albanian Alps, especially in northern Albania, have attracted many native and foreign tourists. It does not have to work very hard to get it done anyway. It is enough to visit and visit once to be impressed. Along the mountains there are many trekking routes to meet you with many sweet surprises such as waterfalls, rivers and caves.

7. Butrint


From the Pelasg to the Illyrians, from the Romans to the Hellenes, there are many ancient cultures and collectivities that have been home to these lands, not to mention the historical remains and most importantly the ancient city of Butrint. The ancient city of Butrint, located almost in the south of Albania, is now the gateway to the country’s largest outdoor city museum. Butrint is a historic site protected by UNESCO.

8. Berat


The city was declared a museum city in the communist era thanks to its long history and architectural structures. One of the most colorful aspects of the city, which has been striving for protection, is the white houses that resemble those in Safranbolu.

9. Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

A lake, two countries. Located between Macedonia and Albania, Lake Ohrid is fascinated by its unique nature, greenery, beaches and calmness. Lake Ohrid, the deepest lake in the Balkans, became a tourist attraction after it was added to the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1979.

10. Economic Holiday

Economic Holiday

Just like Croatia and Montenegro, Albania has its borders in the Adriatic. But the difference between these two countries is that it is very economical compared to the other countries.