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Tourism in Azerbaijan, 10 Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan

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Tourism in Azerbaijan, 10 Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan ranks 39th among 148 countries in terms of competitiveness indicators in the world’s tourism sector. Azerbaijan received 2.2 million visitors in 2016. The country is mostly visited by Russia. Countries that followed Russia in turn; Georgia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.

Azerbaijan, the exotic country of Eurasia, is one of the countries visited by many people, rich in historical, cultural and natural heritage. 10 reasons to go to Azerbaijan, which is a mixture of Persian, Turkish and Soviet heritage.

1. Nature


Azerbaijan has important mountains, rivers and untouched nature that are visited during the winter months as well as during the summer and spring months.

2. Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts

There are many beautiful ski resorts like Shahdag. Perfect for a short ski; entertainment is guaranteed. It’s nicer and cheaper than the most popular ski resorts in the world. Whichever you travel with, you must go.

3. Baku


It is true that what is said about Baku being “Caucasus Paris”. The capital, also known as Baki and the “City of the Wind”, has a walking path in the Caspian Sea, perfect for boulevards covered with Beaux Arts buildings and for walking out on long walks. Be sure to visit Nizami Street (especially the nights), Icheri Sheher (old city), Cesme Square and the Maiden’s Tower (UNESCO Heritage) and the Flame Tower in Baku.

4. Sheki


Sheki is a small city on the edge of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Islamic architecture, the Silk Road is very rich in history and delicious food. To visit this quiet, magical and charming town is the first work most travelers make.

5. Villages


The remote villages in Azerbaijan are really beautiful. The most hospitable people you have met so far are living in these villages.

6. Hospitality


They are hospitable, sincere, wondering where the tourists come from, and are always happy to meet travelers. Although communication is difficult, they are trying to help in every matter.

7. Hot Wine

Hot Wine

This non-alcoholic, sweet and sour drink is the best choice in winter. If you are planning to stay in a ski resort, you can find it in nearby cafes and savor it in the pure white mountain scenery.

8. Not Crowded

Not Crowded

Tourism in the country is on the rise, but Azerbaijan is not crowded yet uncomfortable. Especially remote places in Baku. It is a rare tourist destination for backpackers.

9. Gobustan


350 of the world’s 800 mud volcanoes are located in Azerbaijan. The track is quite fascinating. Much of the mud volcanoes can also be exposed to sludge and hydrocarbon gases. At the same time they act like search wells and help to form oil and gas.

10. Azerbaijan Cuisine

Azerbaijan Cuisine

The rich cuisine of Azerbaijan will not disappoint you. Do not miss the authentic food you have there. Some dishes you need to try; Pita, Kebab, Dolma, Plov, Lavangi, Baklava.


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