Tourism in Belgium, 10 Reasons to Visit Belgium

Tourism in Belgium, 10 Reasons to Visit Belgium. Accessibility from European countries makes Belgium a popular tourist destination. The tourism sector accounts for 2.8% of Belgian gross domestic product and employs 3.3% of the working population.

In 2017, 15-16 million tourists visited Belgium. Two out of three of these tourists come from nearby countries. Most tourists in Belgium come from the Netherlands. The countries following the Dutch are respectively; France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, United States of America.

1. Belgian Beer

There are many reasons to go to Belgium. But when it comes to Belgium, beer is one of the first things that comes to mind. In Belgium, almost every city and town has its own famous beer brand. Belgium is a country where beer tourism can be carried out by itself, 600 small lots of standard beers and a limited number of 8,000 special beers are produced in this small country.

2. Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate

The other thing that comes to mind when we speak of Belgium is the Belgian chocolates. Belgium, which houses world famous chocolate brands, is a paradise for chocolate lovers. Despite Switzerland being famous for its chocolate, chocolate lovers know that Belgian chocolate is the real chocolate.

3. Belgium Cuisine

Belgium Cuisine

Superb meals are waiting for you in Belgium, which does not come first. Belgium is very good about street food. Frozen, non-mass produced, hand-picked French fries, and the world’s most delicious mayonnaise, Belgian waffle with plentiful chocolate sauce, crispy sweet and salty crepes. There is also a mussel theme. Mussels are made with every sauce imaginable. It is also possible to try different kinds of meat such as rabbit, deer, pigeon in Belgium.

4. Brugge

Canals of Bruges

Brugge is one of the most tourists in Belgium. The biggest reason for this is that Brugge is a fairytale city. It is a complete medieval city, also called Venice of the north because of its magnificent channels. Michelangelo’s famous Don Madonna sculpture is located in this city.

5. Brussels


It is a capital with a very nice place, chocolate, squares, buildings. It is one of the safest, cleanest, and regular capitals of Europe. The Peeing Boy Statue is one of the most famous spots in Brussels.

6. Ghent


The small town of Ghent is extremely vegetarian, and even a “Veggie Thursday” where non-vegetarians are encouraged to eat vegetarian food a day a week. Ghent is the vegetarian capital of the world.

7. Train Trip

Train Trip

Belgium is a small country and has great train connections. You can reach Brugge in less than an hour and Brussels in just a short time from Ghent, while major cities like Antwerp are only an hour away from the capital. Belgium also has good connections with Europe’s famous cities such as Paris and Amsterdam.

8. Country Borders

Country Borders

In Belgium, especially at the border with the Netherlands, you can see the most interesting and funny borders of the world. There is a very interesting border, like the border that passes through the center of the market, the border that separates part spots.

9. Belgian Humor

Peeing Boy Statue

The Belgian people have a sense of humor that looks interesting all over the world. The Belgian humor says: Go ahead, tease, insult or attack us. we will continue to work. You may come to the conclusion that Peeing Boy Statue is one of the symbols of the country.

10. Oostende


We can say that Ostend is one of the best seaside in Europe. An old royal cottage residence, port town and beach town. The Belgian city hosts all of Oostende. Nine kilometer long sand will take your beach stress.