Tourism in Cuba, 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Tourism in Cuba, 10 Reasons to Visit Cuba. With its convenient climate, beaches, colonial architecture and diverse cultural history, Cuba has long been an attractive destination for tourists. Cuba is one of the countries where people want to go the most in the world. Cuba, which receives nearly 5 million visitors in 2017, is most visited by Canada. Countries that follow Canada in turn. US, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

Cuba; with its architecture, its sculptures, its parks, its white sandy beaches, its galleries, its vibrant culture and its music, it is a wonderful country. Here are 10 reasons for travelers to visit Cuba.

1. Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba with a population of approximately 420 thousand. In addition, the population of the African people in the country and the number of musicians is quite high. It is known for its unique flavors in the city. Located in a hilly area to the east of the country, Santiago de Cuba was established in 1515 and was the capital city for a short time. For this reason, there are many historic buildings in the city.

2. Revolution Square

Revolution Square

Revolution Square, which has a very important place in the history of Cuba, is worth seeing. Fidel is known as the square where Castro spoke to the Cuban people. The real fame comes from the wall where Che Guevara’s portrait, taken by Alberto Kardo in 1960, takes place. Every tourist who comes here will surely take a photo on the edge of this wall. If you come here, definitely come to this square and take a photo.

3. Old Havana

Old Havana

Old Havana is the historical region of Havana, the capital of Cuba. There are many historic buildings dating from the colonial period. If you want to discover Cuba in a real sense, you should first come here. You will witness delicious food as well as people singing and dancing in the streets.

4. Cayo Coco Island

Cayo Coco Island

Cayo Coco Island, 27 km long to the Cuban mainland, is a wonderful island where you can often see the Caribbean landscapes.

5. Plaza Vieja

Plaza Vieja

Located in Havana, Plaza Vieja is the most colorful and vibrant region of the city. There are many historical buildings from Art Galleries to the Beer Museum. Apart from this, it is also a popular area for night life and shopping.

6. Morro Castle

Morro Castle

Morro Castle, located in Havana, was built in 1589. This castle, which has an important place in the history of Cuba, has also been used as a prison for a long time. Today it is a tourist destination used to watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

7. Trinidad


Located on the southern shores of Cuba, Trinidad is a resort town founded by Diego Velaquez in 1514. Albanian cobbled streets and historical buildings dating from the colonial period are dazzling. This city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1988.

8. Varadero


As far as Vardero is concerned, the endless beaches come first. Here you can enjoy the sea, the sun, the dance and the fun. Be sure to visit this city, which has all the criteria for a peaceful holiday but surely.

9. Malecón


Located in Havana, Malecón is a popular area for nightlife. From the sunset to the sunrise, it attracts attention with its moving and vibrant structure. In fact, it is one of the most vibrant regions in America’s nightlife.

10. Baracoa


Baracoa is a city founded by Christopher Columbus in the first place in Cuba. There are not many tourists to visit here because it is troubled. For this reason, natural and historical buildings are preserved like the first day. Another highlight of the city is El Yunque Mountain, 575 meters high. The summit of this mountain is flat. Here you can watch the wonderful view of the city.