Tourism in Denmark, 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark

Tourism in Denmark, 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark. Tourists coming to Denmark are mostly from neighbouring countries, especially Germany, followed by Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Approximately 7.7 million tourists arrived in Denmark in 2017. 10 reasons to go to Denmark, where the tourism sector and the annual number of tourists are growing rapidly.

1. Viking Ship Museum

You should not leave Denmark without seeing the Viking Ship Museum in Roskil. It is quite a different experience to see the ships from the Vikings, who have a very important place in the history of world shipping, and how these ships are made.

2. Billund Legoland Resort

Billund Legoland Resort

Adults also enjoy a pleasant time in Legoland, Denmark’s favorite place for children. In Legoland, it is quite pleasant to see the legendary examples of the world’s most famous buildings, the legacy-built cities. Some parts in Legoland are reserved for mere and only child walks, and even parental access is prohibited.

3. Beautiful City Copenhagen


Copenhagen is one of the most livable cities in the world, bicycle use is quite common in this small city, and it is almost as close to walking distance as everywhere.

4. Cuisine

Denmark Cuisine

It could be one of the first places in Europe for lovers of Danish food. Noma is the 4th best restaurant in the world and is located in Copenhagen. You can join Scandinavian cuisine in many restaurants across Denmark. For cheaper options, you can try street food.

5. Beaches

Denmark Beaches

Have you ever thought of beach vacation in Northern Europe? There are many reasons to do this in Denmark. With 8,700 km of sandy beaches and hundreds of sandy beaches on holiday island, you can throw away all your stress.

6. Historical Face

Denmark Castle

You do not have to be history buffs or a Viking enthusiast to discover the rich and ancient history of Denmark. Visiting the streets of Danish towns and cities, seeing historical buildings, visiting monuments will leave you with history. Besides these, you can stay in Viking camps, see the animated version of the battles and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7. Peace

Denmark Peace

According to the Global Peace Index, Denmark is the most peaceful country in the world after Iceland. You can hike in its magnificent nature, cycling on popular bicycle routes.

8. Beautiful Women

Denmark Woman

Danish women are among the most beautiful women in the world. Scarlett Johansson, who is shown as one of the most beautiful women in the world, is Danish-born.

9. Aarhus


Aarhus is another reason to visit Denmark. It is not only the second largest city in the country, it is also the cultural center of Denmark.

10. Skagen Peninsula

Skagen Peninsula

Skagen peninsula, the northernmost part of Denmark, is known as the point where two seas meet. The area has stunning sandy beaches, including Løkken, known for its beach clubs. Here is a historical icon of the St. Lawrence Church, 18th century buried with sand dunes and only the church tower is visible.