Tourism in Estonia, 10 Reasons to Visit Estonia

Tourism in Estonia, 10 Reasons to Visit Estonia. In Estonia, Tallinn is the center of interest for tourists. The historic Oldtown with its many tourist attractions is one of the most impressive medieval centers of Europe.

Estonia is a country of great nature in Europe with forests covering more than 50% of the country, with about 2000 islands. Over 3 million tourists visited Estonia in 2017. Ten reasons to go to Estonia, one of Europe’s most economical Eurozones.

1. Estonian Islands

There are about 2000 islands in Estonia. The most visited of these islands are Saaremaa, Kihnu, Ruhnu and Vormsi. In these islands, leaving everything behind and getting lost is enough to rest your soul. In the islands life still preserves the traditional way of life.

2. Small Country


The country’s smallness makes it easy to navigate and to see everywhere in Estonia. From the capital city of Tallinn, you can reach the country’s second largest city, Tartu, on a 2 hour journey. On this trip you can enjoy the forests that make up 50% of the country hosting Estonia’s wildlife.

3. Estonia Coast

Estonia Coasts

Estonia’s beaches are a popular spot for tourists and locals in the summer months. Furthermore, from windsurfing to sailing, there are plenty of water activities for those looking for an active holiday in Estonia.

4. Tallinn Oldtown

Tallinn Oldtown

This 1100-year-old city is one of the best preserved walled cities in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Moreover, at the center there is the 600-year-old Town Hall and the lively square, which is the best in the world, surrounded by modern art galleries and street vendors selling Baltic amber jewels.

5. Seaplane Harbour

Seaplane Harbour

The most exciting maritime museum in Europe is located at the Port of Seaplane. Furthermore, there are about 200 unique works exhibited in the historic seaplane hangar: a submarine called Lembit, a century-old icebreaker Suur Tõll, a ship named Short 184, the remains of the oldest ship in Estonia and much more.

6. Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park

There is a feature that distinguishes Soomaa National Park from other national parks, this national park is flooded at a certain time of year. Kano is one of the best ways of knowing Soomaa. Moreover, underwater underground canoes make it a unique experience. The water level is at the top at the end of March or at the beginning of April. There are also many hiking trails and camping areas in the area.

7. Saremaa Island


Saremaa Island is the largest island in Estonia. The places that you should definitely see on the island are the windmills identified with the island, the meteor lake, the panga, the saare lighthouse located at the southernmost tip of the island, Kuressaare and karujärv (bear) lake of the island.

8. Location

Tallinn Ferry

Tallinn is one of the most accessible capital cities. Furthermore, there are daily ferries to Helsinki and Stockholm, Moscow and St. Petersburg. There’s a train to Petersburg.

9. Internet

Estonia Internet

Estonia has free WiFi hotspots everywhere. Estonia is also the birthplace of large companies such as Skype and Hotmail. It is no surprise that this small Baltic country has the title of the most advanced digital society in the world.

10. Foods

Estonia Foods

Estonia is one of the most organic countries in the world. You will not have a problem such as having a healthy diet in this country because the Estonians already pay much attention to it. Moreover, you can find fresh, clean, organic food in Estonia even in the forest. There are edible flavors such as blueberries, blackberries and mushrooms in the Estonia forests, which make up the majority of the country.