Tourism in French Guiana, 10 Reasons to Visit French Guiana

Tourism in French Guiana, 10 Reasons to Visit French Guiana. The French Guiana, located in the south of the American continent, is a French region founded around the North Atlantic Ocean with a population of about 275,000. The neighboring countries of the country are the eastern and southern Brazil and in the west Suriname. It is a very rich region in the area of the tropical rainforest. Here are 10 reasons to visit French Guiana.

1. Cacao

Located on the Comté River in the south of the capital city of Cayenne, Cacao is a charming holiday town. Here you can take a boat tour on the river or stroll across the breathtaking landscape in nature adventure. It is one of the first places to visit in the country.

2. Kourou


Located 60 km north of Cayenne, Kourou is one of the most important cities in the country. In this city there are many historical buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. You can come here and visit these historic sites. There are also many natural beauty areas in the city.

3. Sinnamary


Sinnamary, located in the north of the country, is an important holiday resort. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas. You can see these things and also there are many successful handmade crafts, souvenirs, jewels in the city.

4. Hattes Beach

Hattes Beach

Hattes Beach, located on the northern Atlantic Ocean coast to the north of the country, is about 3 km in length and is the most important nesting region of leatherback sea turtle in the world. Turtles gather here between April-July. From July to August comes out of the egg. Briefly, it is visited not to swim here but to observe the spawning and puppy period of the turtles. Before arriving here, there is a museum at the entrance to the beach. In this museum, you can get information about these animals and visit them.

5. Pirogue River

Pirogue River

Pirogue River, one of the important rivers of the country, adds a very different color to the country. To discover the natural beauty of this country you need to take a boat tour on this river. In this tour you will witness many animals and plants. Especially you will see some animals in their natural habitats. Again you will be fascinated by breathtaking landscapes. You should do this tour to catch great photo frames.

6. Salvation’s Islands

Salvation's Islands

Salvation’s Islands, about 11 km from Kourou, are the islands within the North Atlantic Ocean. This island is more popular with prisons. It is the place where the criminals were imprisoned in 1930’s. Today it is a popular tourist destination. There are dazzling beaches with deep blue waters and white sand.

7. Le Vieux Bourg

Le Vieux Bourg

Le Vieux Bourg is a charming town on the French Guiana border. This is known for shopping and night life. It is also popular with local specialties.

8. Guiana Space Centre

Guiana Space Centre

Guiana Space Center, located near the city of Kourou, is a space center established in 1964. You can come here and learn a lot about space and visit the space museum. This center also finances the development of Ariane rockets.

9. Guiana Zoo

Guiana Zoo

Guiana Zoo, located in Macouria town of the capital Cayenne, was opened in 1987 for a visit. Especially important animals of the region, which symbolize wildlife, are here. You can come here and visit many animals in their natural habitats. There are about 450 species from about 75 species.

10. Tresór Nature Reserve

Tresór Nature Reserve

You can visit the Tresór Nature Reserve in Kaw, east of the country, especially with boat tours and guides. Be sure to visit many wild animals in their natural habitats. You can also follow the breathtaking scenery of the region and catch tremendous photo frames.