Tourism in Georgia, 10 Reasons to Visit Georgia

Tourism in Georgia, 10 Reasons to Visit Georgia. Tourism in Georgia is an important component of Georgia’s economy. International tourism is a rapidly growing industry. Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Georgia has the oldest archaeological remains related to grape seed and winemaking from 8,000 years ago and today the country has over 500 grape varieties. 41% of the territory of Georgia is covered with forests and 25% of the territory of Georgia is in protected national parks.

7.5 million tourists visited Georgia in 2017. The most visiting country Georgia is Armenia. Countries following Armenia, in turn, are; Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Israel, India, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia. Georgia is a coastal lane overlooking the Black Sea, a country with magnificent views, historical buildings and botanical gardens. Here are 10 reasons to visit Georgia.

1. Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the heart of the country and the most visited city. Places to visit include; the remnants of Narikala Castle built on the Sololaki hill in the 3rd century, the Kartlis Deda Monument, the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, which is called “Mother of the Georgians” on the castle ruins, the Sioni Cathedral dated to the 5th century, the Anchiskhati Basilica , the 13th century structure Metekhi Church is important.

2. Batumi


Batumi is a seaside holiday resort. The city, which has port city features, welcomes a large number of tourists because of the stopping point of big tourist ships. In the historical city, skyscrapers, luxury casino hotels, newly built modern buildings and well-preserved historic buildings, old churches are all together. With its well-preserved old buildings dating back to Soviet Russia, skyscrapers backed by well-preserved historic buildings, Georgia’s Batumi city makes you feel like you are in a European city.

3. Gori


Gori is an industrial city. The Soviet leader has become an important tourism center for being the city where Josef Stalin is born. There are many buildings in the city that tell about Stalin. The most popular of these is the museum and personal train. Apart from this, there is also a church in the city.

4. Telavi


Telavi, located in the east of Georgia, is a historical city founded in the 8th century. This city, blended between the East and the West, is a must-visit place. Make sure to visit attractions such as Alaverdi Monastery, Sameba Cathedral, Ikalto Academy, Saint George’s Church and Tsinandali Garden. Also, do not forget to visit the vineyards here.

5. Kutaisi


Located in the western part of the country, Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia. Recently the parliament of the country moved this city. For this reason, it is known as the administrative capital of the country. When the parliament moved here, many new roads and buildings were built in the city. There are two historic churches on the Unesco World Heritage list. Apart from these, there are also many historical buildings and natural beauty areas. Here you can visit attractions such as Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi Synagogue, Kutaisi Cemetery, Georgian National Opera Theater, Colchis Fountain, Prometheus Cave and Gelati Monastery.

6. Borjomi


Borjomi, behind the Caucasian Mountains, is a popular green city with volcanic thermal springs. This city is the place to hear the name of the world’s finest mineral water. There are two popular parks to visit in the city. These are; Borjomi Water Park and National Park. You can rest and relax in these parks and enjoy the mineral water from the fountains in the park. Because the mineral water sold under the Borjomi brand is the world’s finest mineral water.

7. Rustavi


Rustavi, located in the south-east of Georgia, is a Georgian city worth visiting. Founded in 1944, this city was recently renovated and started to become a modern state. Especially the theater on the square and the square is worth seeing. The night light systems come out with great images.

8. Mtskheta


Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in the country. It is about 20 km from the capital Tbilisi. Mtskheta, which is on the list of Unesco World Cultural Heritage, has many places to visit. In this town, you can visit attractions such as Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Samtavro Monastery, and Jvari Monastery.

9. Akhaltsikhe


Located on the south-west of Georgia, Akhaltsikhe is a historic city founded in the 12th century. Ottomans invaded the city after the Battle of Chaldiran in 1578. In this city there is a wonderful fortress belonging to the Ottoman period. But this fortress has not been a historic achievement since it was recently renovated. Other than that, you can visit historic sites such as Georgian Orthodox Church, Sapara Monastery and Khertvisi Fortress in the city.

10. Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek, in the Kazbegi village on the Russian border to the north of Georgia, is the highest mountain of the Caucasus with an altitude of 5,033 m. It is also very convenient for winter tourism, and there are wonderful landscapes on this mountain. Kazbegi Mountain, which has snow almost every month of the year, is a very popular place for adrenaline and adventure-loving mountaineers. The first climb here was in 1868. When you come here you can visit tourist attractions such as the Alexander Kazbegi Monument, Kazbegi Museum, Terek River and Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi town.