Tourism in Guam, 10 Reasons to Visit Guam

Tourism in Guam, 10 Reasons to Visit Guam. Guam is the largest and southernmost island of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean with a population of about 172,000. At the same time, we can call it an autonomous holiday paradise of the United States. The beaches with turquoise waters, breathtaking natural scenery and colorful festivals attract a large number of tourists throughout the year. In 2017, 1.54 million tourists visited Guam. Here are 10 reasons to visit Guam.

1. Hagåtña

Hagatna, or Agana, is the capital of Guam, the island country in the Pacific. It is also the smallest town of the island in terms of area and population. Come here with your loved ones and visit this wonderful city. Guam country is known as 3 different regions. These; Northern Guam, Southern Guam and Guam Central Area. The capital Hagatna is also located in the central region of Guam.

2. Cocos Island

Cocos Island

Cocos Island, located on the south-west of the country, has tremendous holiday villagers. This island is an island that should be visited with its natural beauties and enormous beaches. Here you can take great photos.

3. Guam Beaches

Tumon Beach

Guam Island is known for its natural beauty. Especially the beaches in the island are quite striking. It is a great holiday destination with its white beaches and sunshine. You can come here and enjoy the sea, sand and sunshine. The most popular beach here is Tumon Beach.

4. Mount Lamlam

Mount Lamlam

Mount Lamlam, located on the village of Agat, south-west of the country, is the highest mountain in the country, even the region, with a height of 406 m. Here you can participate in activities such as hiking or mountain climbing. You can take great pictures at the peak of the mountain.

5. Talofofo Falls

Talofofo Falls

Situated on Talofofo Falls Resort Park in the south of the country, Talofofo Falls has a magnificent view that flows about 30 meters high. You can swim in this popular fountain or have a picnic around.

6. Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village of Hagatna, the capital city of the country, is known for its local markets. These markets are open every day, but Wednesdays are more colorful and moving.

7. Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point

Located on Tumon Bay, Two Lovers Point is a scenic spot for romantic couples with breathtaking scenery. You can come to this hill, which is about 400 meters above sea level, with your lover or your partner, and you can take great pictures and you can also watch with the binoculars located here. Of course, before you leave here, you can put a heart-shaped lock on the iron bars over there, written by the name of the lovers.

8. UnderWater World Guam

UnderWater World Guam

UnderWater World Guam is one of the world’s longest tunnel aquariums and is the only oceanic aquarium in the area at the same time. This aquarium was opened in 1999. There are 2000 animals, including more than 80 different animal species.

9. Pacific National Historical Park

Pacific National Historical Park

Pacific National Historical Park, located near the city of Piti in the western part of the country, was opened on August 18, 1978. This park is visited by a large number of people with a total area of 7,923 km². This park is a historic park that reflects the occupation of the country during World War II. In this park there are weapons, balls, torpedoes and monuments that are left in war.

10. Guam National Wildlife Refuge

Guam National Wildlife Refuge

Guam National Wildlife Refuge, located in Yigo, north of the country, is a wildlife sanctuary that opened in 1993 to protect endangered species and endangered species. Here there is also a beach known as the life and breeding area of green turtles. Remember that swimming on this beach is dangerous. Approximately 90 thousand people visit this conservation area of 1217 acres each year.