Tourism in Israel, 10 Reasons to Visit Israel

Tourism in Israel, 10 Reasons to Visit Israel. In Israel, tourism grows more and more every year, becoming an important sector. Israel broke a record with 3.6 million tourists in 2017. United States is the most visiting country to Israel. The countries that follow United States in order; Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Italy,  Poland and Canada.

Ten reasons to visit Israel, where three religions meet, a religious experience.

1. Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv, famous for Israel’s Mediterranean coast, is a modern, fun-filled, amazing city, with its own unique architecture and atmosphere. It is a city that boasts impressive modern art collections, rich entertainment environment, famous nightlife and contemporary culture. Tel Aviv is a fast and young city.

2. Jerusalem


Jerusalem has an atmosphere that separates us from the century we are in, and makes the man journey on time. It is a city of three religions, a sacred city and a capital city.

It is worth mentioning. Jerusalem is Israel’s most important tourist city. The city claimed by Israel to be the capital but not officially recognized by most countries.

You can find the map of the recognition of Israel here.

3. Negev Desert

Timna Park

There is also the Timna Valley Park, one of the Israeli national parks. Geologically, there are valleys and deep craters in the rock formations in this deposit. Because of this, it has the land structure that gives the impression of human division. A crater structure that is unique to this bunker is also a special case for this region. This structure is called ‘Maktesh’.

4. Dead Sea

Dead Sea

The most famous feature of the Dead Sea is that it can be seen in many photographs, not sinking. The salt level is about 35%. As such, it hangs on the water without any effort. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the water does not touch the eye. Besides the salt water of the Dead Sea, it is famous in the mud. You will see a lot of people on the beach with mud. Do not return without trial. The mud is said to be good for both skin and joints, muscle pain.

5. Jaffa


This is a port city. It is part of the city of Tel Aviv and is also known as Tel Aviv-Jaffa. This settlement in Israel is considered to be one of the oldest settlements in the world.

6. Masada


According to the story, the Masada is a hill where the Jews escaped from the tyranny of the Romans. When you get to the top you see the castle and the remains here. The Romans who took over Jerusalem in 70 BC, are heading south and that’s how it all starts. In the siege for three years, the Jews resisted the Romans, they vowed to fight until death. The Romans, who made a final step to take over Masada and made an artificial slope, attacked here and the event that is still being described today has been realized. The Jews have decided to commit mass suicide and have made it happen.

7. Nazareth

St. Mary Israel

Nazareth, St. Mary’s hometown. It is also said that Jesus was born here, and is also referred to as the Nazareth Jesus. On the Saint Mary’s house, you can visit the church made by Gabriel in the name of giving her the gospel of being pregnant with Jesus.

8. Acre


Acre is one of the oldest and uninterrupted settlements of the world, dating back to 1500 BC. The most important figure of the city is Cezzar Ahmet Pasha, whose name passes in many places in the city. Napoleon, who was not defeated until 1799, wanted to take the city of this precious port, but defeated for the first time by the defensive line formed by Commander Cezzar Ahmet Pasha and had to retreat.

9. Israeli Cuisine

Israeli Cuisine

The Israelis do not consume meat and dairy products because of their beliefs. The fact that different cultures coexist also manifests itself in the kitchen variety. In addition, tastes of pre-migration countries such as European Russia and Yemen are added. We can say that the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style dominates the Israeli cuisine.

10. Festivals

Olive Festival

A few festivals that can be organized in Israel; The Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater (September), Tel Aviv Gay Pride (June), the Olive Festival (Galilee), the International Festival of Kidzme in Safed (summer), Annual Tiberias Marathon , Masada Opera Festival at the Dead Sea (bicycle race), Eilat Chamber Music Festival, Haifa International Film Festival, Jerusalem International Film Festival