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Tourism in Italy, 10 Reasons to Visit Italy. With 52.4 million tourists in 2016, Italy was the fifth most visited country for international tourism. People often visit Italy for its rich culture, cuisine, history, fashion and art, beautiful coastline and beaches, mountains and invaluable antique monuments. Italy is also the country with the most World Heritage Sites in the world. The most visiting country to Italy is Germany. Germany followed by the following countries; the United States, France, China, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and Russia.

Italian Cuisine/What to Eat in Italy?

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What is the Capital of Italy?

Where is Italy

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Italy Flag Map

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Italian Currency/What is the Currency of Italy?

Here are 10 reasons to go to Italy.

What Time Is It in Italy?

28 October 2020

Emergency Call Service Numbers

(112) triple zero is the emergency call service number in Italy.

1. Rome


There are thousands of words to say about Rome, you can see all the traces of European civilization here. In the arena where the gladiators are beaten, you will notice with your eyes in Rome the most modern way of gathering the world.

2. Venice


I do not know if I need to say too much about Venice. But in the city of Italy, which is famous for its water channels, transportation is provided by boats. Ideal for a romantic holiday.

3. Alberobello


Alberbello, a UNESCO world treasure, is a charming Bari town. It is famous for its construction and it is a privilege to spend a night here.

4. Saturnia


This charming holiday resort in Tuscany is famous for its spas. A nice alternative for healing seekers. There is also a cathedral built in 1100.

5. Assisi


You can enjoy a delicious breakfast and picnic in this natural setting in the region of Perugia called Assisi. The image of the city resembling medieval buildings is also wonderful.

6. The Capital of Art

Art Italy

Almost all the artists come to mind from the Renaissance point of view. Donatello, Lippi and Michelangelo are some of them.

7. Italy Cuisine


Italy is a country famous for pizza and pasta. Apart from the tremendous flavors made by the specialists, there is also a beautiful soup called minestrone. It is world famous for the wines of Italy except for meals.

8. Fashion

Milano Fashion

It is especially true that Milan is the fashion capital for you. It also hosts various fashion events throughout the year. There are very nice alternatives here for shopping folks.

9. Sicily


Volcanoes have been a source of fear for societies for centuries, but they are creating a beautiful landscape in Sicily. Etna is the largest volcano in Europe.

10. Beaches


It has world famous beaches such as Rabbit Beach, Cala Mariolu, La Pelosa and Cala Goloritze. Rabbit beach is among the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Italian Currency / What is the Currency of Italy?


Italy’s currency is the Euro.

Italy has been using the euro since 2002. The mark of the euro is € and the code is EUR. The currency of the country before 2002 is Italian Lira.

The Italian lira is the currency used in Italy from 1861 until 2002. The Italian lira was used outside of Italy in San Marino and part of the Vatican.

Italian Cuisine/What to Eat in Italy

The Italian cuisine, one of the world’s richest cuisines, shows significant changes according to regions. In the north of the country, fish, potatoes, rice, corn, pork, and cheese are the most used materials, while in Liguria, called the Italian Riviera, fish and seafood varieties, basil, walnut and olive oil are foreground. In Italy at the same time food is a very important socialization tool.
Cheese and wine are among the most important ingredients of the Italian cuisine. Furthermore, coffee (especially espresso) has an important place in the Italian cuisine.

Public Holidays in Italy

public holidays

Please note that at this time all official offices and most of the museums are closed. If you take these days into consideration when you are planning your holidays, you can spend a more productive and more convenient holiday.

Festivals in Italy

Festival Verdi

Traditional festivals are celebrated in almost every town and village in Italy. These festivals take place in the form of reviving historical and religious events. This can change compared to the traditional festival or festival dates. Italy, which is famous for its opera is the homeland to famous opera composers; Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti, Rossini. Also, there are festivals on their behalf. Festival Puccini is held in Lucca in July-August. The Rossini Opera Festival is held in Pesaro in August. The Festival Verdi is held in Parma on October.

Is Italy a Safe Country?

Italy Secure

Italy is generally a very safe country. However, like every touristy area, there are also pickpocketing and snatching events especially at crowded tourist attractions. When visiting the tourist areas, be careful not to have your valuables with you and carry your bag carefully. Watch your phone and your camera. Italy Ranked 34th in the ranking of the world’s safest countries.

Trip Advice to Places Around Italy


Where to go from Italy, how to get there? Rome to Florence, Rome to Pisa, Pisa to Florence, Rome to Naples, Rome to Milan, Venice to Milano, Rome to Venice.

Prices are given in local currency, Euro, due to exchange rates between currencies.

Best Time to Travel to Italy

Weather in italy

We need to know when you will go to Italy to discover the most beautiful cities in Italy, the impressive medieval towns, the Tuscany region with vineyards and cypress trees, and the spectacular lakes. Italy has a very different climatic structure. A large part of Italy is surrounded by waters in different temperatures and many micro-climates can occur due to this situation.

What is the Official Language of Italy?


The official language of Italy is Italian.

Italian is a language spoken by 61 million people living in the Ticino Canton, mostly in the south of Italy and Switzerland. Italian-born immigrants often speak in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Australia. It is on the Romance Language branch of the Indo-European language family. Italian is the most loyal to Latin in the Romans languages, so also its other name is “Modern Latin”. There are great similarities with other Romanic languages (such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan). Someone who knows Italian well can learn other Romans languages in a short time.