Tourism in Jamaica, 10 Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Tourism in Jamaica, 10 Reasons to Visit Jamaica. Tourism is the biggest source of income in Jamaica. The tourism industry accounts for more than 50 per cent of the country’s total foreign exchange income, and the tourism sector accounts for one-quarter of all the work in Jamaica. In 2017, 4.3 million tourists visited Jamaica.

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean region of Central America. The land of the country in the southern part of Cuba is generally made up of mountains. Nearly half of the country’s population lives in Kingston, the capital. Jamaica Island discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 is famous for its natural beauty. Here are 10 reasons to visit Jamaica.

1. Blue Mountains

It’s the longest mountain in Jamaica. The summit was protected by the Jamaican government in 1992 under the name of Blue Mountain John Crow Mountain National Park. The Blue Mountains are rich in vegetation and are home to about 500 plants. The region with the world’s second largest butterfly population has recently been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of Jamaica’s most valuable holiday destinations, the area is fascinating by its unique landscapes.

2. Green Grotto Caves

Green Grotto Caves

Located on the northern coast of Jamaica, these caves have turned into one of the country’s major tourist attractions. Its predecessor is known for its many different names such as Runaway Bay Caves, Hopewell Caves, Discovery Bay Caves. The depth of the cave in the length of 1,525 meters is about 12 meters. As a result of archaeological investigations made in the cave, pot pieces belonging to the Indians were found. It is easily accessible to any desired point of the cave, which is one of the places to visit in Jamaica, thanks to hiking platforms and boats.

3. Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

It is a magnificent waterfall flowing 55 meters above the country’s Ocho Rios city. One of the most famous waterfalls in the Caribbean, the natural wonderland attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. With the terraces carried out on the waterfall, the flow of water has begun to progress gradually and a more perfect image has been formed. This natural beauty, which the Dunn River presents to the country, has turned into one of Jamaica’s tourist destinations.

4. Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum

It is a museum dedicated to Jamaica’s legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. Located in the capital Kingston, this historic home museum hosts Bob Marley’s photographs, paintings, recordings and musical instruments. Moreover, there are lots of Bob Marley’s pictures at the entrance to the museum on the Hope Street. Furthermore, the museum is one of the first circles in Jamaica that are interested in reggae music and are fascinated by Bob Marley.

5. Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls

It is the community of waterfalls that come from the 21 wide-spaced little waterfalls on the Mayfield River. Moreover, you can see the excellent waterfalls flowing in the bosom of the lush vegetation cover from the surrounding suspension bridges. Furthermore, this area of natural beauty, which people often cool off, is one of the most important holiday destinations in Jamaica.

6. The Enchanted Gardens

The Enchanted Gardens

This is a magnificent facility located very close to Ocho Rios, one of the most important centers of Jamaica. Built around 20 acres of grounds, the magical garden has a natural hill and 14 waterfalls. Furthermore, surrounded by plants in the region, the garden offers an unforgettable hiking experience. Furthermore, having a superb pond, an aquarium built in sea water and a cage that houses exotic bird species, the magical garden is the ideal spot to relax and take a breathe in your Jamaica trip.

7. James Bond Beach

James Bond Beach

It is a touristy beach on a small peninsula located 16 km from the center of Ocho Rios on the north coast of Jamaica. Surrounded by clear waters on three sides, it has a wonderful beach, water sports centers, bars, restaurants and a variety of accommodation. Moreover, James Bond Beach,  is an area where jazz and reggae artists also exhibit their skills. For those who want to enjoy sun, sea, sand and music, this is the best place for a holiday in Jamaica.

8. National Gallery of Jamaica

National Gallery of Jamaica

It is an art gallery where you can find the works of Jamaican artists in Kingston, capital city. Located near Kingston Shopping Center and Kingston Harbor, Jamaica’s National Art Gallery hosts hundreds of sculptures, prints, paintings, designs and photographs.

9. Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the town that started tourism in Jamaica. At the beginning of the 1900’s, Doctor’s Cave, a doctor who advertised “healing patients” and received a fee to enter the water from the incoming patients, is also popular today.

10. Port Royal

Port Royal

Port Royal, the legendary port city, has remained an important symbol of Jamaica for nearly five hundred years. Furthermore, the legendary pirate city was founded in 1518; it was considered to be the most desperate city in the world at a reasonable level. For many years corruption and violence have been dominant over there. Pirate ships come from all over the world, even from Madagascar. In 1692 an earthquake occurred in the island and the pirate town sank under water. Today’s remains lie in the bottom of Kingston’s harbor.