Tourism in Kazakhstan, 10 Reasons to Visit Kazakhstan

Tourism in Kazakhstan, 10 Reasons to Visit Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world with a surface area of 2,725,000 km². Tourism is not an important component of the economy for Kazakhstan. Despite this, 6.5 million tourists visited the country in 2016.

Mysterious central Asian country 10 reasons to visit Kazakhstan.

1. Tamgaly Tas

The holy area of ancient hunter nomadic Turks, whose majority is from the bronze age, where thousands of petroglyphs have been excavated. Since 2004, UNESCO has been on the world heritage list. the petroglyphs and the sanctuary of the region are believed to have buried burdens and sacred tombs at the same time.

2. Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon

Although Charyn Canyon is smaller than the Grand Canyon, it is as impressive as the Grand Canyon. It is the product of different stages of sediment deposits, including multi-colored rock layers, volcanic lava rocks at the bottom and debris on the hill. Charyn Canyon is made up of 5 different kannons: Kaleler Valley, Temirlik Canyon, Yellow Canyon, Red Canyon and Bestamak Canyon. Valley of the Kings is the most popular part of Charyn Canyon.

3. Nur-Astana Mosque

Nur-Astana Mosque

Nur Astana Mosque is the largest mosque in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The most important feature of this mosque is the height of the mosque’s main building and its minaret. The height of the mosque building is 40 meters and the height of the minaret is 63 meters. The height of the building symbolizes the age of Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation and the minaret length of his death.

4. Lake Kaindy

Lake Kaindy

Kaindy Lake is a touristic area in Kazakhstan that grows magnificently. The forest where Kaindy Lake is under private water. Of course it is not possible to see this forest because of the water. You can only see the pieces of wood, but when you get under the water you come across a magnificent view of the sunken forest.

5. Bayterek Tower

Bayterek Tower

The tower offers a bird’s eye view of the city. The tower, which is 97 meters from the metal part, is 105 meters high with the observatory located at the top. The top of the Bayterek Tower, which means “tree of life”, weighs 300 tons. This ball shaped like an egg symbolizes the beginning of life.

6. Altyn-Emel National Park


Altyn-Emel National Park, Ili River Valley, Kazakhstan. The sand desert contains various landscapes such as mountains and flora. The park was established on April 10, 1996 to protect the natural park complex as well as archaeological and historical monuments. It is Kazakhstan’s largest reservoir and a part of UNESCO’s world heritage.

7. Karkaraly


Karkaraly, one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan, surrounded by small wooden houses in rich nature and narrow streets, reminds of famous Swiss villages. A relaxing holiday is the perfect place to breathe fresh air in the national park, bike ride on smooth slopes, stand by the lake and visit the extraordinary historical sites.

8. Medeo


Medeo is an open-air speedboat and roller skating rink. Almaty has a mountainous valley southeastern slope. Furthermore, Medeo is 1,691 meters above sea level, the world’s highest ice-skating pitch. Moreover, it consists of over 10,000 square meters of ice and uses a superior freezing and irrigation system to guarantee the quality of the ice.

9. Chimbulak


Situated 2260 meters above sea level and one of the most beautiful alleys of the Alatau Mountains, the Imbulak Ski Center is located 25 kilometers from Almaty, the former capital and financial center of Kazakhstan. Moreover, Chimbulak Ski Center, which has a total of 8 ski tracks including green, blue, 3 red and 1 black runway, was hosted in 3 sports branches of Şımbulak 7th Asian Winter Olympics in February 2011.

10. Epic History

Epic History

Central Asia is the oldest living area of the world. For this reason, Kazakhstan Epic is hosting a tarihe.