Tourism in Luxembourg, 10 Reasons to Visit Luxembourg

Tourism in Luxembourg, 10 Reasons to Visit Luxembourg. Tourism in Luxembourg is an important component of the national economy, representing about 8.3% of GDP and employing about 25% of the working population. In 2017, 1 million tourists visited Luxembourg. Luxembourg is most visited by Belgium. Countries following Belgium in turn; Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey.

Luxembourg Grand Duchy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Here are 10 reasons to visit this little european country.

1. Larochette

Larochette is a market town between wooded trees, a rocky and narrow valley. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas in this town. There are many remains, especially those that reflect Middle Ages architecture. Again, there are two castles that make the city colorful. It is the perfect place to walk in nature and find peace. If you come here, be sure to visit the resort town.

2. Parc Merveilleux

Parc Merveilleux

Located in Bettebmourg, Merveilleux Park is a park opened on July 17, 1956. This park is located about 10 km from the capital Luxembourg. A large number of visitors come here all year round. In the park there are fairgrounds, playrooms, outdoor playgrounds, mini train, pony express, mini golf, restaurants and concert areas. It’s an area where everyone is going from 7 to 70.

3. Old Town, Luxembourg

Old Town Luxembourg

While exploring Luxembourg, it can not be a better start than visiting the old quarter of the city. This square, which forms the antique foundation of the city, makes Luxembourg City one of the most important cities of Europe. The castle here is known as “Gibraltar of the North” since it is almost impossible to be captured. Although he suffered heavy damage from 1867 to 1883, it is still possible to see the effect on the old square everywhere.

4. National Museum of History and Art

National Museum of History and Art

As for the museum, the National Art and History Museum is at the top of the list. The museum is located in the historic Fish Market area and is a tremendous building with documents on MNHA collections, art works, archaeological finds, furniture, tools, money, weapons and history of the country.

5. The Bock

The Bock

The Bock of Luxembourg is known for its walls and floats, but it has a larger design as a place for the entrance of a stone-carved twenty-one kilometer underground passages. It is possible to explore the underground city and its legendary area on foot, with a total size of 40,000 m², which can store thousands of people, materials, horses, workshops, kitchens and siquas.

6. Corniche Walls

Corniche Walls

The Corniche Walls are known as “the most beautiful balcony of Europe” in Luxembourg. That’s why it sees the city and the river valley overhead. You can also see the famous Grund Gate from 1632 here. This region, where the aristocratic families and asylum seekers’ interesting stories have passed, it was used as a monastery by Michael Killies.

7. Ardennes


In Ardennes you encounter high plateaus, forests, hills, hidden valleys and numerous magnificent landscapes. The most well-known feature of this region is that it was Hitler’s last big plan during World War II. Wiltz, one of the most beautiful cities in Luxembourg, is also famous for its outdoor concerts and shows You can also visit Bulge War Museum in Wiltz Castle.

8. Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Town is located between a high platitude, Sure and Wark Rivers. There are ways to go on foot in the neighboring township in the presence of extraordinary landscapes here. Michelau in the Sure Valley, Welscheid in the Wark Valley, and Kehmen in the platte, you can follow the roses in the wonderful scenery.

9. Upper Sure National Park

Upper Sure National Park

Sure National Park has plateaus, narrow valleys, wooded slopes and the Upper Sure Lake Dam. The park’s relaxing, peaceful atmosphere, as well as its water sports, wildlife and ecotourism make it popular. The area where the numerous guided tours and guided tours are organized is also a new addition to the Sculpture Route. On the other hand, you can also join boat tours with solar energy at the giant reservoir. Other activities include fishing, swimming, marine and diving. In Sure National Park, which is also rich in cultural heritage, you can visit the museum where you can find articles about both the park and the local area in the now unused fabric mill.

10. Vianden

Vianden Castle

Vianden is an extremely interesting town on both sides of Our River. The Castle, with its wonderful architecture, dates back to the ninth century. Ardennes and the Eifel regions are arguably the most valuable place for architectural significance, and the mansion has a wonderful atmosphere with medieval walls and guard towers surrounding the city.