Tourism in Macedonia, 10 Reasons to Visit Macedonia

Tourism in Macedonia, 10 Reasons to Visit Macedonia. In this article you will have some information about Tourism in Macedonia and tourist attractions of the country. If you need 10 reasons for visiting Macedonia you will find here.

Tourism in the Republic of Macedonia is a major factor in the country’s economy. The abundance of Macedonia’s major natural and cultural attractions make it suitable for tourism.

In 2017, 630,594 foreign tourists arrived in Macedonia. Most tourists to the country come from Turkey. Countries following Turkey respectively are, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia.

1. Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is Macedonia’s most famous tourist area. You can go for a walk in the streets of this old town, visit the Saint Naum Monastery and you will be delighted by the excellent nature view. One of the two airports in Macedonia is in Ohrid. At the same time it takes about three hours to go to Ohrid by bus from Skopje.

2. Macedonian Cuisine

Cuisine of Macedonia

Macedonia is famous for its cuisine. When you go to Macedonia you can try Tavce Gravce, Pastrmajlija, Kacamak, Cevapi and Turli Tava

3. Cheap


Macedonia is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. It is much cheaper than other European countries, especially eating and drinking. Due to the cheapness of Macedonia, it attracts a lot of tourists even for shopping.

4. Skopje


The capital city of Macedonia is the largest city in the country with its skyscrapers, bridges built on the Vardar River, redesigned buildings with hundreds of millions of euros spent. The city with a big square is almost the heart of the country. It is possible for you to meet the heavy fog in winter because it is low between the city mountains.

5. Wine

Milestii Mici Winery

In Macedonia wine has played an important role since the Roman period. Quality and delicious wines are produced in the country. We recommend that you try Macedonia’s delicious and cheap wines.

6. Millennium Cross

Millennium Cross

This huge crucifix, which was built for the purpose of showing the body in honor of the year 2000 of Christianity, is 66 meters high. Access to the Millennium Cross is made through a cable car line built around the cross in 2011. While enjoying the panoramic view of Skopje from the cafe & restau- rant in the cross, you can enjoy your tea / chowder with pleasure.

7. Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports

Depending on the season, you can find many sports such as swimming, canoeing, skiing, rock climbing, caving, fishing, scuba diving, paragliding, cycling, horse trekking, golf and much more in this small country.

8. Rich History

Rich History

This country, dating back to 6000 years ago, is a good option for learning history. You can visit the archaeological museum, the Museum of Macedonia and the monument of Mother Teresa, who was born and raised in Skopje.

9. Alexander the Great Statue

Alexander the Great Statue

It is about 15 meters long. The statue of King Philip II, located on the side of the old bazaar, greets the sculpture of his son Alexander in the single hand air. This sculpture, which adds a distinctive atmosphere to Skopje’s square, is delightful to examine.

10. Hospitalty

The people of Macedonia are very friendly and hospitable. People will welcome you from the moment you visit the country.