Tourism in Micronesia, 10 Reasons to Visit Micronesia

Tourism in Micronesia, 10 Reasons to Visit Micronesia. The Federal States of Micronesia consists of 607 islands spanning millions of miles of the Pacific Ocean between Indonesia and Hawaii. Only 65 of the islands have settlements. Major attractions for visitors are; world famous diving zones, exploring ancient cultures and fascinating landscapes. The islands vary considerably in terms of the landscape. Some are high and mountainous, some are flat coral islands, and some are volcanic pits.

In 2016, 24,000 tourists visited Micronesia. 10 reasons to visit the Federal States of Micronesia covered with tropical forests.

1. Palikir

Located on Pohnpei Island, Palikir is the capital of Micronesia and one of the largest cities in the country with a population of about 6 thousand. The city covers an area of approximately 107.4 km². It is a shopping and entertainment center as well as a beauty area.

2. Pakin Atoll

About 100 people live in the Pakin Atoll, located on the northwest coast of Pohnpei. There is a tremendous nature and breathtaking view of the island and it is a wonderful island to dive in.

3. Nan Madol

Nan Madol

Nan Madol, located in Pohnpei, is an archaeological site that was the capital of the Saudeleur dynasty until 1628. There are many historical remains in this area. It has become the most visited place in the country. It was in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016. This region is also known as the 8th wonder of the world.

4. Kuop Atoll

Kuop Atoll

Located at Chuuk Lagoon, Kuop Atoll is a wonderful Ocean Island. There are many natural beauty areas on this island. Especially those who see with its natural and breathtaking scenery are amazed.

5. Eten Island

Truk Lagoon

Eten Island is a great holiday destination south of Dublon Island. It was a place where the Japanese used it as the battleground during World War II. For this reason, it suffered a great deal of damage during the war, but recovered quickly after the war. The nature of the island arouses admiration. Here you can take stunning photos in the breathtaking scenery.

6. Pohnpei Island

Pohnpei Island

It is the largest island of Micronesia with an area of 334 km². Many cities, especially the capital city, are on this island. Here you can discover the enormous natural beauty of the island.

7. The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole

We can call The Blue Hole, on Kosrae Island in the southernmost part of the country, a sea cave or a wreck. A huge hole in the middle of the ocean. It is not possible to say how deep it is.

8. Lelu Stone Ruins

Lelu Stone Ruins

Located on Lelu Island, Lelu Stone Ruins is an archaeological site surrounded by walls in the 14th century. About 3 meters above sea level, you can witness the residences, royal tombs and remains of various holy places in this region.

9. Kepirohi Waterfalls

In Pohnpei, Kepirohi Waterfalls is the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in the country. The waterfall has a tremendous natural beauty.

10. Tonnachau Mountain

Tonnachau Mountain

Tonnachau Mountain, located on the Moen Island in the country’s Chuuk province, is a volcanic mountain at a height of 340 meters. It is one of the most important tourist destinations of the island. There is a breathtaking view of the mountain and wonderful natural beauty areas. Besides the natural beauties, there are archaeological remains here.