Tourism in Mongolia, 10 Reasons to Visit Mongolia

Tourism in Mongolia, 10 Reasons to Visit Mongolia. Mongolia is a unique and relatively undiscovered travel destination that perfectly combines natural beauty, vast untouched scenery, nomadic lifestyle and culture. Tourism based in the private sector in Mongolia is almost twenty years old.

Mongolia visited by 470,000 tourists in 2017. China is the most visiting country to Mongolia. Following China, the following countries, respectively; Russia, South Korea, Japan, United States, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Here are 10 reasons to discover this undiscovered country of asia.

1. Lake Khovsgol

The northernmost region of the country is Khovsgol. Located in Tunka National Park, Khovsgol is also the center of shamanism. This lake is known as the twin brother of Lake Baikal, which is located within the borders of Russia. Khovsgol, one of the cleanest lakes in the world, can drink the water with peace of mind, drinking local people.

2. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

When you go south from Khovsgol, you will reach a lake that is as beautiful as Khovsgol but smaller and can be seen in summer. Although the distances on the map are very close, it can be reached by land vehicles in 10-12 hours because of the lack of proper road.

3. Taikhar Chuluu

Taikhar Chuluu

In the middle of the plain there is a rock mass alone Taikhar Chulu Monument. There are various symbols and animal figures on the rock that are thought to have been made between 6000 and 3000 before the Milatos. It is thought that these figures are formed by different cultures such as Tibet, Mongol, Uighur, China and in different languages. According to the legend, a giant snake infested this area. The people of Bukhbilegt are courageous and strong and ask for help to get rid of this year. This brave man plugged into the snake’s hole and closed the hole with this gigantic rock to prevent the serpent from coming back.

4. Tsenkher Hot Spring

Tsenkher Hot Spring

Almost right in the middle of Mongolia, there is a spa area very close to Orhun Valley. This oasis, which many Mongols did not even know, used to be a volcanic zone. Although there are no moving volcanoes at the moment, hot water is flowing all over the place. You can stay in the famous tents of the Mongols known as the dormitories here and enjoy hot water in outdoor pools. There are many small, cheap and expensive facilities in the area, and you can stay in one of these facilities and enjoy hot water.

5. Karakorum and Orkhon Valley

Orkhon Valley

Karakorum is one of the cities whose names are abundant in history books because it is the center of the Orkhon Valley and the historical center of the Mongol empire. It is not only the center of the Mongol empire but also one of the most important stops of the Silk Road. There are so many places to see in the city. One of the tourist stops of the Orhun Valley also features the Orkhon Waterfall being the largest waterfall in Mongolia.

6. Orkhon Inscriptions

Orkhon Inscriptions

It is unthinkable to go to Mongolia and return without seeing the Orkhon Inscriptions. There is a museum where the inscriptions are located. While the originals of the inscriptions are kept in the museum, replicas are located in their actual places.

7. Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

The south of Mongolia is home to one of the world’s greatest deserts. But as the desert says, let your mind get an all-dune look like the sahra. A short vegetation covers you with a desert.

8. Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag

Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag

The rocks made of red and orange soil color contain fossils of dinosaurs. Mongolia is one of the largest dinosaur fossils in the world. The dinosaur museum in Ulaanbaatar is also worth seeing for this reason. It’s great to think that dinosaurs ran around on the same soil when you were there, as well as coloring. The colors will be even more impressive if you can be there at sunset.

9. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

If you are in Mongolia for a short time and do not have a car to go long distances, it is a place close to Terelj National Park Ulaanbataar and you can choose the smooth road by public transport. You can spend time in nature, take long walks, go horse or camel, visit the old Buddhist monastery.

10. Ulaanbaatar


Ulaanbaatar is the capital of the country and half of the country’s population lives here. There’s a lot to discover in this city. We recommend you to book this town 2-3 days.