Tourism in Montenegro, 10 Reasons to Visit Montenegro

Tourism in Montenegro, 10 Reasons to Visit Montenegro. Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeast Europe. Situated on the southernmost tip of the famous Dalmatian coast, Montenegro is a beautiful country where green and blue pass. It’s like a small, hidden garden on the Adriatic coast.

Montenegro is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations. It was visited by more than 2 million tourists in 2017. Montenegro is most visited by Serbia. Moreover, respectively following countries Serbia are, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Ukraine, Albania, Poland, Kosovo, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Belarus, Israel and Croatia.

Ten reasons to visit the Montenegro with its rich natural beauty.

1. Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is the largest national park in Montenegro with 390 square kilometers and is a wonderful natural park visited by many in summer and winter. Furthermore, in Durmitor you can ski in winter and in the summer you can go hiking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning and cycling. Tara Canyon, also located here, is the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in America.

2. Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon

Tara Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1977, is also under protection within the Durmitor National Park. Moreover, the Tara River that flows through the canyon has tremendous beauty especially because of its color. It is regarded as one of the 25 World Heritage sites on our planet by cyclists and hikers. The water of the river is so clear that you can drink it easily.

3. Kotor


Kotor is a UNESCO protected city. You come from the mountain road to reach Kotor, and the town is under a footstep with a great view. Furthermore, in the view you see on the hillside you can find the extension of the Adriatic Sea and the view from the top of the wonderful Kotor Old Town. If you go to Venice, Kotor will never come unfamiliar to you, for most of Kotor’s history is made up of Venetians.

4. Budva


Located 65 km from Podgorica, Budva is situated on the Adriatic coast, a small city of 20,000 inhabitants. Budva is known as “Miami of Montenegro” with its delightfully sandy beaches, magnificent koyll, cliffs, small islands and quite colorful nightlife. Moreover, the historic district of the city, Stari Grad, is surrounded by high castle walls. Inside there are very cute cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops. There are more than 17 beautiful beaches in the city and they have a total length of 21 kilometers. Becici Beach and Yas Beach are the most famous ones.

5. Tivat


Tivat is known as a stunning seaside city on the coast of Kotor Bay. The homes with green shutters are very nice. Places to visit in the city, which is alive in summer and winter, include Trg Sv. Roko Square and Buca-Lukovic Palace. Furthermore, the Renaissance Summer House is among the sacred sculptures and places of the Island of Flowers. Plavi Horizonti’s beaches and old Club Med barracks on Sveti Marko Island are the most visited places in Tivat.

6. Perast


One of the most beautiful places of Kotor Bay is Perast under UNESCO protection. The texture of Perast, a tiny town, is quite impressive; mountains covered with forests on the one hand, turquoise on the other, clear waters of the sea and magnificent stone houses adorned with begonvillers. Just 14 km from Kotor, Perast has its narrow, stone-paved streets turned into stairs from time to time. Moreover, the old clock tower in the square is where it should be seen. At the entrance of the Perast you have a beach where you can swim without paying the beach chair, sun bed or umbrella fee, covered with small white stones.

7. Bar


This is a historic area divided into two regions called ‘old city’ and ‘new part’. Stari Bar, located in Montenegro’s Bar and one of the most important historic settlements in the world, is the region where the Muslim population in the country is most concentrated. Those who come to the city can see the Stari Castle and its surroundings and buy small memories from the souvenir shops around the castle.

8. Cetinje


Cetinje, the former capital of the country, is a breathtaking place with Lovcen National Park. It is the capital of Montenegro for five centuries of culture and education. It is eye-catching with its green and smooth architecture.

9. Ulcinj


Ulcinj is a coastal holiday destination in Montenegro. The town is located near the border with Albania, and the majority of the population is Albanian. Ulcinj is like a center of Albanian society in Montenegro. Ulcinj is a tiny town on a hilly place. There is a mosque in the center. Ulcinj Ülken is one of the indispensable holiday centers.

10. Montenegro Cuisine

Cuisine of Montenegro

Castanets made from dried beef meat and pogae, a kind of pide, you should taste in Montenegro dishes, which are characteristic of Mediterranean cuisine. Montenegro also has restaurants selling fast food. Try red wine Vranac, white wine Krstač, beer Nikšić as a drink. Vegetarians can benefit from rich salad menus.