Tourism in Morocco, 10 Reasons to Visit Morocco

Tourism in Morocco, 10 Reasons to Visit Morocco. First of all, we must say that Morocco is the country that attracts the most tourists in Africa. This country, which is very cheap for American and European tourists, attracted 11 million tourists in 2017. The countries that visited Morocco the most are European countries; France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands.

10 things to go to Morocco, Africa’s Pearl, home to the world’s largest desert.

1. Sahara Desert Tour

Sahara Desert Tour is waiting to be one of the best experiences in your life. To see camel riding in the rut, at the sunrise and especially in the middle of the desert at sunset, to see that the color of the sand changes at every angle of the sun, sleeping under the stars in the evening is a part of the desert experiment.

2. Camel Meat

Camel Meat

The camel meat is known to be lean and juicy. Camel meat is very popular in Morocco. In many places you can enjoy the taste of hamburgers prepared with camel meat.

3. Mint Tea

Mint Tea

The Moroccan mint tea, which is special to Morocco and is drunk morning and evening, is quite sweet. Furthermore, if you do not like sugar beverages, it’s enough to tell the waiter what you want without sugar.

4. Medinas

Medina Koura Bazaar

The old cities called Medina are a fun experience, while the smell of culture is lost in the streets of the labyrinthine maze where navigation is not available. You can cross a different street every day and explore different places. You can shop around shopping in every medina.

5. Marrakech


Marrakech is one of the most photogenic cities in the world and certainly must be seen. It has a fairly lively square with dozens of street vendors. Again, you can experience street food in this square.

6. Chefchaouen


Chefchaouen, located in the north of Marrakech, is definitely on the internet. The city is painted in every color of the walls of the blue, Morocco’s newly discovered city. Moreover, every photograph you take here is a masterpiece in itself. Especially if you are interested in photography, it is absolutely must be seen.

7. Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou

It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Moreover, here, thousands of films including Gladiator and Mummy were shot in time.

8. Moroccan Food Culture

Moroccan Food

Here are the flavors you will not find elsewhere. At the beginning of these; camel meat, slugs, hunks, olives with sauce, mint tea. The food in general is tagine; meatball with egg, Moroccan salad (tomato, onion, cucumber), couscous, vegetable soup, Harira (spicy lamb, onion, garlic soup), pastilla (a kind of pastry) .

9. Menara Garden

Menara Garden

One of the most photographed places in the city is the Menara Garden. There are exactly 30,000 olive trees. Moreover, there is a huge pool and inside ornamental fish in this water-laden lake, which looks like a lake in the photo . There is also a facility where you can breathe a little and enjoy this beauty and nature.

10. Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Gardens, named after the famous painter Jacques Majorelle, who moved to Marrakech in 1919, is impressive with exotic plants and ornamental pools brought by Majorelle from different parts of the world. Another interesting fact about this garden is that after the death of Majorelle, this botanical garden was bought by the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, and after his death, his own ashes were scattered to one of the ornamental pools in the garden.