Tourism in New Zealand, 10 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

Tourism in New Zealand, 10 Reasons to Visit New Zealand. Tourism is an important industry in New Zealand and contributed 5.6% directly to the GDP of the country in 2016. Moreover, New Zealand, which has made great efforts to promote the country abroad, is growing steadily in number of tourists coming to the country every year.

3.7 million foreign tourists arrived in New Zealand in 2017. About 30% of these tourists come from Australia. The countries following Australia in turn are China, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Canada. Here are 10 reasons to visit New Zealand.

1. New Zealand’s Sea:

New Zealand’s most spectacular waterside coastline, with its wild view, offers an unforgettable natural beauty. In Curio Bay and Porpoise Bay, watching the penguins landing in the evening promises unique moments.

2. Oamaru Town:

Oamaru Town

It is a very interesting point with the townspeople who live up to their culture from the Victorian period clothes. Furthermore, the town welcomes many guests throughout the year with antique shops, old historic cars, art galleries, and festivals that are always organized. Besides, it is priceless to see the young penguins roam around as the night passes by in the town.

3. Coromandel Forest Park:

Coromandel Forest Park

Another attraction, the Coromandel Forests, is famous for its naturally occurring hiking trails. There are also Coromandel Beaches, famous for its breathtaking scenery, except for the mysterious forest roads that also contain swimming waterfalls and lakes; sea and sun, water sports, diving and surfing. Moreover, while the springs in the Hanmer region in the north of the island are preferred for relaxation and relaxation, the whale tours in Kaikoura are indispensable for those who love danger and adrenaline.

4. International Antarctic Centre:

International Antarctic Centre

The ‘Arctic Center’, a museum in Christchurch, where Americans have been conducting summer activities in Antarctica since 1950, is one of the places that must be visited. It is very impressive to experience the poles of the region where the cold and the wind of Antarctica can be felt.

5. Sand Safaris:

Sand Safaris

The more challenging version of the Jeep-made desert safaris is what many adrenaline lovers want to attend. Besides, the restaurant, which is built on the top of the mountain with a cable car called Gondola, can not be priceless by enjoying the scenery.

6. Village of Hobbit:

Village of Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans must definitely see the town of Matamata, 6,000 in the north of New Zealand. Hobbiton, the plateau, the Hobbit houses, the memorable venues in the film, and the visitors have unforgettable moments.

7. Caravan Tour:

Caravan Tour

One of the nicest ways to experience New Zealand is a trip to the caravan. It is possible to see the undiscovered spots of New Zealand along the scenic road named “Campervan”, where you can rent from all over the country, with the caravans that are possible to explore. Lake Tekapo and its surrounding glacial lakes, as well as Queenstown and the fjord region Milford Sound, are in the middle of the southern islands and are worth seeing with its natural beauties, vegetation, mountains, turquoise glacial lakes and tranquility.

8. Extreme Sports:


One of the indispensable spots of adventure-loving tourists, New Zealand offers excitement to its enthusiasts with their different extreme sports. Also, do not forget to apply to well-equipped tour offices in every city. You can get all kinds of information from these offices and easily book for sightseeing and extreme sports. Furthermore, extreme sports that you can do in New Zealand; Using Jetbot, Rafting, Bungy-jumping, Sky Walk, Canyoning, Parapent, Zorbing and Jet Boating and much more.

9. Fiordland National Park:

Fiordland National Park

The Fiordland National Park, which has survived with the arrival of the great glaciers, has a spectacular view of tourists. Located in the southern part of the South Island, this park’s most famous fjord is known as Milford Sound. It is accessible via The Milford Road. Furthermore, this path even has a beauty that must be seen on its own. Doubtful Sound fiduci and Dusky Sound fidudu are other fjords that should be seen.

10. Rotorua:


It is famous for its Rotorua, hot springs, mud pools and geysers, which are one of the spritual centers for the Maori of New Zealand, formed by volcanic activities.