Tourism in Panama, 10 Reasons to Visit Panama

Tourism in Panama, 10 Reasons to Visit Panama. The number of tourists reached 1 million in 2004 and this figure continued to increase rapidly. In 2015, it passed 2 million visitors for the first time. In 2017, an estimated 2.5 million tourists visited the country.

Most tourists come from the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, South America.

1. Tropical Climate

Panama is one of the most ideal routes for vacation in a warm and tropical climate. The temperature average is over 20 ° C all year round. It is therefore ideal for sea and nature trips. Also, the rain that can be repressed at any moment can prepare beautiful surprises for you.

2. Natural Parks

Natural Parks

Parque Natural Metropolitano and Nacional Soberania in Panama, famous for its natural park areas, is a must-see for nature. Furthermore, Panama has 24 protected areas and 11 national parks. Moreover, there are many kinds of animals and plants that you can see in the safaris on these parks. There are also incredibly beautiful tracks for hiking lovers.

3. Small Country

Small Country

It is possible to go from one end of Panama to the other in about 2 hours with your car. It also has a very important position with the embracing of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean and connecting North and South America.

4. Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Sports

Panama is one of the meeting points of anyone interested in outdoor sports. Tuba diving, rafting, surfing, trekking, hiking and much more.

5. Coffee


Do you know that the most beautiful coffee you drink is from Panama? Cafés and coffee await you in the streets of Panama.

6. Panama Cuisine

Panama Cuisine

Panama is among the most important banana producers in the world. Of course, banana is often used in meals. In addition, fish is indispensable for the cuisine. Furthermore, the octopus, which is marinated and served with exotic sauces, is served with plenty of undercooked vegetables in abundant quantities. Moreover, Panama has an appetizing and open kitchen as well as healthy.

7. Panama Canal

Panama Canal

Panama is a country identified with Panama Canal. An engineering wonder, the canal is one of the canals that almost everyone must see before die. Moreover, the canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is considered the world’s most expensive canal.

8. Panama Culture

Panama Culture

Although Panama has a small surface area, it is a country that collects 7 different people together. Furthermore, the majority of Panamanian people are Europeans, Africans, and hybrids. Naturally, a colorful culture is waiting for you in Panama.

9. Nature and Beaches

Nature and Beaches

Panama, considered the exotic beauty of the new world, shares the glamorous borders of the Caribbean and the Great Ocean. Moreover, special plants that you can even see on the terraces of skyscrapers admire the city once more. Founded in 1519, the city has breathtaking colonial stone buildings, breathtaking narrow streets of Albanian stone, beautiful beaches and magnificent views.

10. Diving Center


Panama adorns the dreams of diving enthusiasts. Moreover, boat and diving tours are organized in many islands, including Bocas del Toro Peninsula and Isla Colon, which are 35 km away from Kosta Rika. Furthermore, you can see the underwater coral and fish with snorkel, and you can have an unforgettable day at the red frog beach.