Tourism in Paraguay, 10 Reasons to Visit Paraguay

Tourism in Paraguay, 10 Reasons to Visit Paraguay. According to the figures of the World Tourism Organization, Paraguay is one of the least visited countries in South America. Paraguay welcomes about 1 million tourists per year. Paraguay is most visited by Argentina. Countries that follow Argentina in turn; Brazil, the United States, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Spain, Colombia, Germany and Peru.

Paraguay, located in South America and not coastal, is worth seeing. Here are 10 reasons to visit Paraguay.

1. San Lorenzo

Located in the Central Department of Paraguay, San Lorenzo is the 4th largest city in the country. It is one of the most visited cities in the country.

2. Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este

Located in the Alto Paraná section of Paraguay, Ciudad del Este is the second largest city in the country with more than 320 inhabitants. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas to be visited and seen here. If you are here, visit tourist attractions such as the Tierra Guarani Museum and the Zoo.

3. Icono Tower

Icono Tower

The Icono Tower, located in Asunción, the capital city of the country and the largest city, is a tourist destination built between 2006 and 2011. Moreover, this tower, 136 meters long and 37 stories, has become a symbol of the city.

4. Godoi Museum

Godoi Museum

The Godoi Museum, located in Asunción, the capital city of the country and the largest city, is a museum worth seeing. Furthermore, there are many historical monuments displayed in this museum. If you are curious about the history and culture of the country, visit this museum.

5. Museo del Barro

Museo del Barro

Museo del Barro is a museum on the skirts of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. It began as a private collection and seven years later it became a permanent museum. Moreover, the museum consists of three separate sections, pottery museum, local art museum and contemporary art collection.

6. Historical Senate Building

Historical Senate Building

Located in Asunción, the historic Senate Building was built in 2002 by the governmental side of Taiwan. This structure is the most important touristic structure of the country and at the same time it is the most modern building of the country.

7. Independence Palace

Independence Palace

The Independence Palace in Asunción is worth seeing. This architecture, which attracted considerable attention, was the place where the state was ruled for many years.

8. Catedral Metropolitana

Catedral Metropolitana

Metropolitan Cathedral in Asunción is a religious building worth seeing. Furthermore, this structure, which has been passed through repairs many times, is now open for worship.

9. San Martin Street

San Martin Street

Located in Asunción, San Martin Street is the most colorful and lively town in the Country. Furthermore, there are many tourist buildings on the street. Apart from that, there are cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. When you come to the country, it is one of the first places you need to be.

10. National Museum of Fine Arts

National Museum of Fine Arts

The Asuncion National Museum of Fine Arts, located in Asunción, the capital and largest city of the country, was opened in 1909. In 1939, it turned into an art museum. Moreover, there are many works of art in the museum. You can see here many things you wonder about the art of your country.