Tourism in Poland, 10 Reasons to Visit Poland

Tourism in Poland, 10 Reasons to Visit Poland. Poland, one of Europe’s most historic countries, is also one of the cheapest countries for tourists in Europe. Poland is an attracting country with its historical landmarks, colorful buildings, nature and architecture. The capital Warsaw is the largest city in the country. In the past, the city was rebuilt during a war of great destruction. The official language is Polish. Poland Zloty is used as currency. We are offering you 10 Reasons for Visiting Poland in our Tourism in Poland article.

1. Untouched Nature

An opportunity not to be missed for lovers of nature sports and long walks. In addition to the cities with wonderful sights to see, you can visit breathtaking, unspoiled forests with unique animals and plants.

2. Traditional Architecture

Traditional colorful building that warms people. Since there were no building numbers in the past, addresses were described according to these colors.

3. “Square” Squares

In almost every city there are these squares. These squares, called Rynek in Polish, are hosting a different event almost every month of the year. If your life gets bored, you just need to go to a Rynek.

4. Mountain and Sea Towns

If you say “I want to get away from the city crowd,” you can have a good weekend in the mountain village called Zakopane. If you say ‘No need, I need the sunshine of sand’, then Gdansk and the Baltic sea are waiting for you.

5. Schindler’s Factory

Located in Krakow, Schindler’s Factory is one of Poland’s most famous museums. You know if you have watched Schindler’s List movie, if you didn’t would advise you to watch it.

6. Historical Texture

It is possible to see a castle wherever you turn your head. All the historic sites have been carefully preserved and they have come up to this day. While visiting these places, it is possible for you to feel yourself like a chapel or a princess.

7. Economic

Although it is in Europe and has a quality life, it is a very economical country.

8. Night Life

Poland is a very entertaining country with its night life. In Poland, the streets are chirping on Friday and Saturday evenings.

9. Beer and Vodka

Do not be surprised if you encounter endless beer varieties in markets in Poland. If you like beer, Poland is for you. Poland has many vodka alternatives just like beer.

10. Beatiful Polish Girls

For most people, the most beautiful girls in the world live in Poland.