Tourism in Portugal, 10 Reasons to Visit Portugal

Tourism in Portugal. With its long history, unique cultural heritage and magnificent natural beauty, Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Southwest Europe. Located in the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is sunny for about 300 days each year. If this is the case, millions of people visit every year.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Portugal reached 12.7 billion in 2017, up 12 percent, and has contributed to Portugal’s strongest economic growth since 2000.

There are many reasons to see Portugal, not only with its climate but with its unique beaches, colorful culture and beautiful local flavors. Here are 10 reasons to travel to Portugal.

1. Culture

Portugal, one of the oldest settlements in Europe, has a very colorful culture. From the country music to the cuisine of the country, from the architecture to the art, with the traces of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Teutons and Andalusian Emeviers, leads many other European countries.

2. Weather Condition

Portugal Weather

One of Europe’s hottest countries, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate. The weather is hot in summer and the weather is warm in the spring and winter. For this reason, it is one of the countries that are frequently visited in all seasons of Europe.

3. Cheap

Portugal Economy

Despite its natural beauties, magnificent historical buildings and rich culture, the country is very cheap. There are many places you can stay at very reasonable prices in the most beautiful places of the country. Also, restaurants and souvenirs are very reasonable when compared to European countries.

4. Portuguese Cuisine

Portugal Food

Portugal, one of Europe’s richest cuisines, has an extensive menu of meat dishes from seafood, pastries to dessert. It is possible to experience beautiful tastes in Portugal at very cheap prices.

5. Wine

Portugal Wine

Portugal is one of the first places that come to mind in terms of wine. The most beautiful red and white wines of the world are coming out of Portugal’s vast wine vineyards. So the country wine is quite cheap. You can taste the best wines in Douro, Alentejo and Dao Regions.

6. Nightlife

Portugal Nightlife

Nightlife is another great reason to visit Portugal. There is a very lively night life in the country. In the Alfama Region in Lisbon, Ponte Luis Bridge in Porto is one of the most famous nightlife.

7. Nature and Beaches

Portugal Nature

The most important reason to visit Portugal is its magnificent nature. The country has the most beautiful beaches of the world, big rocky gorges, sea caves, the most beautiful national parks of Europe. As such, Portugal offers beautiful alternatives for both holidaymakers and those who want to explore nature.

8. Colorful Pena Palace

Portugal Pena

Take off the safeguard and look at Pena Palace. At the same time the most colorful palace you can see is of course the Pena Palace. The Pena Palace, which has become such a splendid structure when it meets the architects and the colors that started as a chapel in the early 19th century; tile work, carefully carved stone columns, stone sections to admire in the palace courtyard, and a remarkable example of romanticism. Every year, the palace is visited by millions of people.

9. Activities City Lisbon

Portugal Lizbon

Lisbon is a non-existent city for those who love to participate in activities. Because there is no limit to the activities in the city. Activities such as fishing, sailing, surfing, swimming are among the most frequently performed activities in the city.

10. Pastéis de Belem

Portugal Pastel de Nata

The country’s most famous sculpture “The Pasteis de Nata” is found in all of Portugal’s pastries, but the best is eaten in Belem. There are only 5 people who know the recipe of traditional taste in Belem pastry and according to legend, these five people never get on the plane at the same time, they can not eat at the same restaurant.