Tourism in Reunion, 10 Reasons to Visit Reunion

Tourism in Reunion, 10 Reasons to Visit Reunion. The tourism sector is an important part of the Reunion economy. In 2017, the country visited 460,000 by tourists. The most tourists in the country come from France. Switzerland, Belgium and Germany are the countries that follow France, respectively.

In Africa’s geography, about 900 thousand people live in Reunion, an island country connected to France located on the Indian Ocean. You will be able to participate in adrenaline-filled activities such as diving, trekking, paragliding and wildlife tours, and this country is a holiday paradise that is worth seeing with its active volcano, exquisite ocean view and upscale sands. Here is a paradise island, 10 reasons to visit Reunion.

1. Piton de la Fournaise

If you want to see the world’s largest active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise is waiting for you with a magnificent and frightening image. In 2004, this huge volcano erupted in 2004, with a height of 2 thousand 631 meters. If you are an adventurous pursuit, you can take part in walking tours around the mountain with guided tours.

2. Piton des Neiges

Piton des Neiges

Piton des Neiges is a volcano that has been asleep for 120 years. At an altitude of 3,071 meters, which is convenient for hiking and climbing, this mountain is also the highest summit of the Indian Ocean. Those who want to climb this volcano, one of the most beautiful parts of the island, must have professional equipment to observe the sunrise view.

3. Cirque de Mafate

Cirque de Mafate

Surrounded by surrounding mountains, the Cirque de Mafate was formed by the collapse of the soil as a result of Piton des Neiges’ explosion. There is no driveway to reach the smallest nook near the volcanic topography. For this reason, those who want to reach the village and the region need to take a long walk.

4. Trou de Fer

Trou de Fer

Trou de Fer is a magnificent canyon with a depth of 300 meters. This canyon, the most important stream flowing through the Bras de Caverne River, creates an enormous image especially when viewed from the top. If you like to explore interesting places of nature, you should definitely see this canyon at 1,400 meters above the Bélouve forest.

5. Kélonia


Kellonia, Reunion and the Indian Ocean, and they are a center for protecting the natural habitats. This place, where you can see many sea turtles protected for treatment, can be visited every day with or without guide every day.

6. Musée Léon-Dierx

Musée Léon-Dierx

Musée Léon-Dierx is located in the capital city of Saint-Denis. The museum, which welcomes visitors in a historic building, entered service in 1912. Musée Léon-Dierx, a collection of modern art collections, is available for free on the first Sunday of each month.

7. Ermitage Beach

Ermitage Beach

The Réunion Island is not just mountains, calderas, and dizzying peaks. Other than that, there are wonderful beaches here. The most popular of these is Ermitage Beach, which is located to the west of the country. This beach is about 2 km long and has the longest sandy beach in the country. You can come here and lie down on the white sand to enjoy the water and the sun.

8. Cilaos


Cilaos, next to the Mafate, is the important caldera. The difference from Mafate is that you can easily get here. But you will still have to walk plenty to reach the summit. This caldera is popular with canyons and waterfalls. Here you can witness many natural beauty. Do not forget to explore the small village of Cilaos, a farming village.

9. Saint-Denis


Saint-Denis is the largest and most crowded city on Reunion Island. It is also known as the old city. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty sites to visit in the city, and there are many museums and cultural buildings at the same time.

10. Eden Garden

Eden Garden

Eden Garden, located in St Gilles les Bains, is known as the Garden of Eden. There are approximately 700 different endemic plant species in the 2.5 hectare area. It can be so beautiful if it really is a paradise garden. You can finish walking in about an hour.