Tourism in Scotland, 10 Reasons to Visit Scotland

Tourism in Scotland, 10 Reasons to Visit Scotland. Scotland, which is a UK country, was united as an independent country until 1707, but in 1707 it joined Britain and Wales as the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The green shades of nature can be found in very few regions of the earth. In the middle of a greenery surrounded by forests and vast meadows, to see immaculate neighborhoods and houses; be ready to meet the ornamental pastures with sunning horses, grazing cows, and sheep-bearing sheep. Having an advanced tourism, Scotland welcomes close to 3 million tourists a year, except those coming from the UK. Scotland is the most visited by the United States. The countries that follow the United States in order; Germany, France, Canada, Poland, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, and Sweden. Here are 10 reasons to go to Scotland.

1. Edinburgh

Among the things to do in Edinburgh are walking the Royal Mile, exploring Edinburgh Castle, going to Calton Hill and shopping. Edinburgh is a very friendly city. As you walk through the streets of this historic city you will feel yourself in the Middle Ages.

2. Glasgow


It is the largest and most populous city in Scotland. Glasgow, with its traditional and modern architecture, has a different atmosphere with its museums, green spaces, gourmet stalls. In addition to the Victorian architectural style People’s Palace, Grand Central Hotel, Central Station and Clock Tower, Glasgow Necropolis, Queen’s Park, Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow Glasgow are the most important addresses of the city.

3. Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

It is an island in the western part of Scotland. Isle of Skye, Scotland’s largest island, is connected by a bridge to the mainland. In its own way, the island has an impressive and very virgin nature, consisting of large cliffs with large cliffs towards the ocean. The island is a tremendously beautiful island that is generously presented with its waterfalls, historical villages, museums, art cafes and the indispensable castles of Scotland and England.

4. Loch Ness

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is the most famous lake in Scotland. If you do not believe the Loch Ness monster, you can enjoy the scenery. Loch Ness is really a deep, cold, big lake that seems to be hiding something inside. Go to the Urquhart Castle after walking around the lake. The remains here are well preserved despite Scotland’s harsh air. Some of the mossy stones remained in their original places, while others were taken to other places.

5. Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands are located in the openings of Scotland. This island represents a fine mix of Scottish and Scandinavian cultures.

6. Glencoe


Glencoe is a witness to many bloody battles between clans. People still believe that the souls of the killed soldiers are here. If you do not believe in ghost stories, the natural beauty here will fascinate you. Glencoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, not only in Scotland.

7. Orkney


Orkney is an island closer to the shore than Shetland. Here are the monuments of the Neolithic Revolution. Here you will feel like you are in a mysterious place. The tombs built near the monuments are also worth seeing.

8. Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan Castle, built as a defensive structure against the Vikings in the thirteenth century, was occupied by Spanish troops who attempted to initiate a Jacobite Revolt in 1719. The castle, which was taken back in the same year, is the most photographed in Scotland today, used for weddings and organizations.

9. Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is one of the most impressive buildings in Scotland, built on top of steep cliffs. The coronation ceremony of Queen Mary of Scotland was held in the chapel within the Stirling Castle, where art, architecture and cultural traces of the sixteenth century can be seen. As you can see from the battlefields of the land that have witnessed bloody wars throughout history; it is possible to see the war and hand tools exhibited, the dinner set and the clothes of the period.

10. Callanais Standing Stones

Calanais Standing Stones

Do you know that the scots are the inventors of stone circles? Calanais Standing Stones, one of the most impressive, is in the Isle of Lewis. The gigantic monument of 50 stone was built about 5000 years ago. England’s Stonehenge is 1000 years younger and more famous than Callanais Stone.