Tourism in Slovakia, 10 Reasons to Visit Slovakia

Tourism in Slovakia, 10 Reasons to Visit Slovakia. Slovakia offers tourism, natural landscapes, mountains, caves, medieval castles and towns, folk architecture, spas. In 2017, more than 4.6 million people visited Slovakia. Slovakia is most visited by Czech Republic. Countries following Czech Republic in turn; Poland, Germany, Hungary, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, United States and France.

Slovakia is a country that left Czechoslovakia after World War I. Although the country is small in the area it covers, it has many tourist attractions. Here are 10 reasons to visit Slovakia.

1. Kosice

Kosice, located in the east of Slovakia, is the second largest city in the country with a population of approximately 234 thousand. Located between the Hornad River and the Ore Mountains, this city is a complete Central European city. There are many historical buildings built in medieval architecture. Apart from that, there are also many natural beauty areas. If you are here, you should not go back to visit the sights of St. Elizabeth Cathedral, including the Town Square, St. Michael’s Chapel, East Slovak Museum and Kunsthalle.

2. Zilina


Located on the north-west of the country, Zilina is located about 200 km from the capital Bratislava. It is the 4th largest city in the country as a population. There are many industrial centers here. There are many historical buildings and scenic beauty areas that you need to visit if you are here.

3. Slavin


Located in Bratislava, capital of the country and the largest city, Slavin is one of the most important symbols of the city and is a monumental building. This structure was built in 1960, during the Second World War, when Nazi Germany fought against it and lost its life to the Soviet Union troops.

4. Presov


This city is important in many ways. For example, there are many industrial centers here. In fact, the only salt operation in the country is located in this city. Apart from this, there are many historical buildings in the city. The streets and the buildings are in harmony. If you come here, visit this city absolutely.

5. Novy Most

Novy Most

Novy Most, which links the regions of Stare Mesto and Petrzalka in Bratislava, the capital city of the country, is the seventh largest bridge in the world built in 1998. On this bridge is an open-air observation point called the UFO Observation Tower. You can go out here with a lift and have great food. You can also watch the magnificent view of the city.

6. Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle is a historic fortress built in the 9th century for defensive purposes, within walking distance of the capital. This castle suffered a great loss in the fire of 1811 years. This fortress, rebuilt after World War II, is the main fortress of the city. It attracts attention with its architecture and scenery.

7. Tatra National Park

Tatra National Park

Located between Zilina and Presov, the Tatra National Park is located in the Tatra Mountains. Moreover, it is one of the important national parks of the country and has a wonderful view of the park. The park has many plant species, lakes, hiking trails and bicycle paths.

8. Bratislava Old Town

Bratislava Old Town

There are many historic buildings in this area that remained in the Middle Ages. If you are here, visit this region and visit these historical sites.

9. Bratislava Sculptures

Bratislava Sculptures

The capital city of the country and the largest city in Bratislava have many sculptures and the city is known as the sculptor city. All of the sculptures here are also have a story. When you come here, be sure to visit the sculptures of the Napoleonic soldiers, Cumil, Naci, Paparazzi and Hviezdoslav.

10. Devin Castle

Devin Castle

The information belonging to Devin Castle, one of the most important archaeological sites in Slovakia, depends on 5000 years. It was used as a military base during the Roman Empire. Furthermore, today it is used as a museum and open to visitors. The castle has a wonderful view.