Tourism in Sri Lanka, 10 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Tourism in Sri Lanka, 10 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka. Tourism in Sri Lanka is a rapidly growing industry. For centuries, Sri Lanka has become a popular attraction for foreign travelers. With the beginning of the civil war in 1983, the arrival of tourists diminished and the civil war, which lasted for more than 25 years, ended in 2009. The number of tourists coming to the country since 2009 is increasing every year.

In 2017, 2.1 million tourists visited Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the most visited country by India. Countries that followed India in turn; United Kingdom, United States. Here are 10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka, which offers a wonderful holiday experience with 1340 km of coastline.

1. Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park, located close to Hambantota city of Sri Lanka, opened on a visit of 356.6 km² area on January 20, 1970. It is home to many tourists every year due to its being the largest park in the country.

2. Anuradhapura


Anuradhapura, one of the major cities of Sri Lanka, was the capital of the country in 4 centuries. There are many temples here. This is why it is considered a sacred city for Buddhists. Many people, especially Buddhists, visit this city every year.

3. Hikkaduwa


One of the places you should visit in Sri Lanka is the Hikkaduwa District. This region is known for its vast beaches. Apart from sea tourism, you should also visit Buddhist temples such as Hikkaduwa National Park or Hikkaduwa Lake and Seenigama Vihara, Gangarama Vihara.

4. Mihintale


Located 13 kilometers from Anuradhapura, Mihintale is an ancient temple complex. You can take a half-day tour at least. The temples here are quite imposing architectural constructions. This city has a very important place for Sri Lanka. Visit the monumental Buddha statue, the Temple of Ambasthale and the Aradhana Gala.

5. Hatton


Situated on Sri Lanka’s popular Kandy-Ella railway line, Hatton is a wonderful city with many visitors every year. This city is more popular with Adam’s Peak. Every year, many people all over the world visit this town to visit Adam’s Peak. Adam Peak is known as the first place in the world where the first man was fired from heaven. But Buddhists disagree. According to them, the footprints here belong to Buddha, and for this reason they regard it as a sacred place. For this reason, many Muslims and Buddhists visit this hill every year.

6. Kandy


Sri Lanka’s second largest city after Colombo is Kandy, the gateway to tea and rubber-growing mountainous region, located in the center of the island of Sri Lanka. Make sure to visit the tourist attractions such as Temple of the Tooth Museum, Kandy Lake, St Paul’s Church, Tenavaram Temple, Ceylon Tea Museum, Botanical Garden of Peradeniya and Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

7. Tangalle


Tangalle, considered as the starting point of popular destinations on Sri Lanka’s Coastline, is more known for its marine tourism and natural beauty. You can come here and enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. The beaches here are one of Asia’s most popular beaches. Especially Tangalle Beach, Goyambokka Beach and Medilla Beach are very popular.

8. Bentota


Located in the south of Sri Lanka, Bentota is a touristic city decorated with coconut trees. In addition, this city is the first region of the country opened to beach tourism. For this reason, we can call the oldest sea tourism city of the country. The beaches here are wonderful. It attracts many tourists every year with its immense beaches and white beaches. It is also a good place for water sports, surfing, sailing and other water sports.

9. Mirissa


One of Sri Lanka’s most important tourism cities, Mirissa welcomes many visitors every year with its breathtaking beaches and endless beaches. If you want to vacation in a tropical paradise, Mirissa is the place for you. This could be your dream destination for a honeymoon vacation.

10. Galle


Situated on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, Galle is a tourist city located 119 km from Colombo. This city is known as the port city that opens to the west. The most popular place in the city is the castle built by Dutch colonists in the 17th century. The castle has shops and businesses. There are immense beaches in the city. You can come here and enjoy a great holiday.