Tourism in the Netherlands, 10 Reasons to Visit Netherlands

Tourism in the Netherlands, 10 Reasons to Visit the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, tourism is a relatively important segment of the country’s economy, accounting for 5.4% of total gross domestic income and 9.6% of employment. In 2017, the Netherlands was visited by 17 million foreign tourists and became the 20th most visited country in the world. The countries that visited the Netherlands the most, respectively are; Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Here are 10 reasons to visit the Netherlands.

1. Warm, Respectful, Helpful People

Although cold-looking, the Dutch are warm, respectful, caring and helpful. Do not surprise if someone you don’t know stops on the road and says you “Hello” or “Good Morning”. It is a sincerity for them. This kind of sincerity applies to the cities where the locals live. It is not possible to say the same thing to Rotterdam, which has a lot of immigration especially from Asia and the Middle East.

2. Windmills


You will come across Amsterdam very often and these buildings seem to have popped out of the Middle Ages. Their primary mission is the hiding and firing of the spheres used in the defense of this country, which is present in many naval battles in history. These missions started to be used to open fields by throwing water out of the ground when the war ended. It is also possible to see for a small fee.

3. Tulips


Tulip is one of the symbols of the country. With spring, it is grown not only in the fields but also in the gardens and even in the pots in front of the windows and adds a distinct beauty to the houses. The Netherlands has an important place in tulip exports.

4. Nature

Nature Netherlands

Since it is a country with an oceanic coast, its air is very quickly affected by momentary changes in the ocean. Especially in the winter, the weather is sunny in the morning, and then the weather is raining and then it is raining again, or sunshine again, or the stagnant air can turn into a dark grayish stormy weather within 1 hour. Since the vast majority of the year is rainy, all parts of the country are green. The parks and forests are in natural condition and well-maintained.

5. Canals of Amsterdam

Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city surrounded by canals. There are close to 1,300 bridges on 170 connected channels. Sometimes you will see boats carrying cargos and sometimes boats touring the canals. When you join one of these tours you will be watching the city from a different angle and enjoying a boat on the canal.

6. Shopping Malls

Magna Plaza

It is possible to buy many famous brands in shopping centers like Magna Plaza, Bonneterie and Kalverton which are in the center of Amsterdam. You can find something for everybody and every side.

7. Historic Stone Buildings in Amsterdam

Stone Buildings in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of historic buildings dating back to 1700-1800, including the houses in it. These buildings, each at least 200-300 years old, are still standing upright and seem to last a year or so. You feel that between these buildings you will be transported to the Middle Ages and a knight on an armored horse will jump out of one of the doors.

8. Cubic Houses in Rotterdam

Cubic Houses in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, which is half an hour away from Amsterdam by high-speed trains, is an industrial city with many new-style buildings and immigrants unlike Amsterdam.

9. Dutch Cheeses

Dutch Cheeses

If a country is so green, there will be a lot of livestock and milk and dairy products will be abundant. The Netherlands is renowned for its multitude and taste of cheese. They have a variety of spicy, vegetable, some kind of healthy moldy, pickled cheeses. We recommend you to taste Gouda and Edam cheeses, whose names are derived from the regions where they are produced.

10. Museums

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam is almost a museum paradise. Van Gogh museum in the city is a place where you will have a chance to see the works of the artist closely. Madam Tussaud, located in Dam Square, is a wonderful museum displaying wax sculptures of famous people. The Anne Frank Museum is actually the home of Anne Frank’s remembrances during World War II. It was preserved and converted into a museum afterwards. For different art lovers there is a wide variety of Fear Houses for those who are looking for excitement in Body World or for a short excursion in our bodies.