Tourism in the United States of America, 10 Reasons to Visit the United States of America

Tourism in the United States is a sector that serves millions of tourists. The United States is on the list of countries that people want to see the most in the world. Tourists visit the United States to see their natural beauty, their cities, historic sites, and entertainment.

Approximately 75 million tourists visited the United States in 2017, making it one of the three most visited countries in the world. The countries that visited the United States the most are; Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Here are 10 reasons to visit the United States of America.

1. Statue of Liberty

The building on Liberty Island in New York is the most precious symbol of the United States. The world famous monument built between 1875 and 1886 is a joint work of famous architects Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, Gustave Eiffel, Richard Morris Hunt and Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. The monument, which is 93 meters high, is the work of the French, not the Americans, as many people think. The French proclaimed the ‘Statue of Liberty’ from the copper material in honor of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the United States of America. At the head of the statue is a 7 pointed crown that symbolizes the 7th CENTURY, a torch in the right hand, and a book in the left hand, where gold stands for sines.

The building, which is regarded as one of the icons of freedom in the world, is seen every year by millions of local and foreign visitors. At the same time, the ‘Statue of Liberty’, which entered the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1984, is undoubtedly the most important route of your America travel.

2. Disneyland


Disneyland is one of the world’s most famous theme parks in Anaheim, California. Built-in 1955 by Walt Disney, the park attracts a great deal of attention from children. Disneyland, which has become the most important tourism center of the city, affects many people from 7 to 70. The park is a center of attraction, with animations, animated cartoon-film characters, a variety of shows and many games.

3. Empire State Building

Empire State Building

This building is a 381-meter high sky, one of the most important symbols of New York City. Famous architects William F. Lamb and Gregory Johnson jointly designed the building, a total of 102 floors. The building, which was completed between 1930 and 1932, preserved the world’s highest building title for nearly 40 years. Empire State Building, built of tiles and steel, also has an important position in terms of business life in New York. It is visited by millions of people every year, which is home to dozens of offices and companies. The tourists who have made a significant contribution to the tourism of the city are enjoying the opportunity to observe the view of the city. So this building should be at the top of your visit to places in America.

4. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

In 1872 it was declared a national park and it became the first national park in the world. Yellowstone, the capital of Montana State, has become a well-known region thanks to this national park. The national park, which contains a gigantic area of about 900 hectares, has hundreds of geysers and small, large waterfalls. More than 1000 kinds of plants are hosted. The park contains animals such as bear, birds, reptiles, jackals, deer, fish. The area that nature lovers visit frequently reaches about 4 million visitors every year. Yellowstone National Park is an important part of the USA.

5. The White House

The White House

The ‘White House’, which began construction in 1792 and was completed in 8 years and opened in 1800, covers an area of 5,100 square meters. It is the joint work of famous architects James Hoban, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Charles Follen McKim and Nathan C. Wyeth, which is the United States government and also the official residence of the presidents of the countries. The place where important decisions about the country and the world agenda and future are taken is one of the most important political symbols of the USA and the world. Do not leave the city until you come to Washington, the capital of America, and see the White House.

6. Times Square

Times Square

This is not just New York, but one of the most vibrant squares of all of America. Broadway Avenue and 7th Avenue. It is a milestone of more than 100 years and continues to be a square that has attracted thousands of people on New Year’s Eve in the United States and that everyone is fascinated by fireworks displays. Every year, especially at the beginning of the year, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists come here to see the New Year’s celebrations. Times Square, New York’s heartbeat, can be the reason most people travel to America. Hundreds of restaurants, cafes, hotels, entertainment venues and more …

7. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

The gigantic bridge, which was built in 1933, was completed within a short period of 4 years and passed the activity. 2,737 meters long and 227 meters high in total. The steel-framed bridge is the joint design of Joseph Strauss, Irving Morrow, and Charles Ellis. The bridge, which has become the symbol of San Francisco, one of California’s major centers, is one of America’s historic and touristic destinations. The Golden Gate Bridge, which grows with its dark orange color, has a positive influence on the transportation network of the region. You can see that local and foreign tourists who travel to America frequently take photographs on this bridge.

8. Central Park

Central Park

Central Park is a gigantic public park that covers an area of 3,41 square kilometers. It is located around New York’s Manhattan. The park, which has been open since 1857, is the most public tourist attraction in the country with an amazing annual visitor potential of 25 million. Central Park is the area associated with New York. Central Park offers tens of thousands of people every day in a large metropolis like New York, in the middle of modern buildings, with a breath-taking breath between trees, grass, various flowers and artificial lakes. You should include in your America travel guide this magnificent world-renowned park.

9. National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

The institution, which attracts more visitors than all the natural sciences in the world, has been serving since 1910. The institution contains more than 125 million elements together with plant, animal, meteor, rock, fossil and cultural studies. Access to the museum, which has about 1000 staff, is completely free. These features have transformed the National Museum of Natural History into one of America’s most popular attractions.

10. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

It is a magnificent national park in Arizona. The area where the Colorado River runs steeply is 466 km long. The region, which has a history of about 2 billion years, is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Furthermore, The Grand Canyon, which attracts millions of tourists every year, is one of the regions where the enthusiastic interest of climbing, sightseeing, exploring different regions has shown great interest.