Turkish Cuisine / What to Eat in Turkey?

The Turkish cuisine varies according to the region. Many localities like Black Sea Cuisine, Southeast Cuisine, Central Anatolian Cuisine have their own rich food treasure.

Istanbul, A Mirror of Turkey

Istanbul, where you can eat almost all the dishes of Turkish cuisine and at the same time you can find fresh fruits from world cuisines, should be at the top of your list in your dining room. It has a culinary culture coming from Istanbul, Byzantine, and Ottoman. However, most of the traditional food has been forgotten and left to be replaced. Istanbul, Turkey, as a meeting point, offers a combination of flavors from each region. Although the city’s culinary culture varies according to periods, some tastes have always protected their popularity.
In the last 20 years in Istanbul, the kebabs and restaurants of Southeastern Anatolia have become very popular. The cuisine of the city varies from region to region. Besides, restaurants in Asia and Europe are mainly located in Greece, China, and France. As an effect of American culture, fast food has become widespread in recent years. So much so that fast food shops selling products like hamburger, pizza, lahmacun, kebab, sandwich, toast and hot dogs can be seen on the Istanbul streets.

Popular Turkish Foods, Turkish Restaurant Suggestions

Istanbul is a metropolis where you can find the best examples of Ottoman – Turkish cuisine besides the world cuisine.

Turkish Breakfast, Places to Have Turkish Breakfast

turkish breakfast

If you want to make a delicious start to your holiday in Turkey, you should try the famous Turkish breakfast. In particular, Turkey has many places where you can have breakfast in Istanbul. In this regard, we recommend you to visit the Beşiktaş breakfast street.

Turkish – Greek Tavern Culture

If you want to experience the tavern experience that offers a mixture of Greek and Turkish cultures in Istanbul, go absolutely to these places;

Eleos Restaurant-Taksim, Barba Vasilis-Balat, O Maestros-Arnavutköy, Neşemore-Etiler, Ela Maçka Taverna-Maçka, Süreyya Teras-Beyoğlu, Giritli Restaurant-Sultanahmet…


Of course, when it comes to Istanbul, raki-fish is of special importance. You must absolutely taste the delicious Turkish meze with the famous Turkish drink rakı. Tarabya district in Istanbul and Çiçek Pasajı in Taksim are places that come to mind first as raki-fish. If you are planning to go to Tarabya, we recommend you to reserve one of the raki restaurants on the edge of the Bosphorus for a day. Especially Hristo, one of the oldest places in Tarabya, may be a good option.

Turkish Kebab, Where to Eat Turkish Kebab


In addition, at the beginning of the meals you have to eat in Istanbul, the Turkish kebabs come with a Turkish-lahmacun-dürüm triple. The main ingredients of these exquisite flavors are meat, along with spices, oil, and dough. If you have a diet that you need to keep up with, we are sorry for you. At the beginning of the places you can go to eat kebab in Istanbul, there are Bayramoğlu in Beykoz and Horhor in Aksaray where there are many kebab restaurants.

Turkish Street Foods, Where to Eat Street Foods in Turkey?


We advise you to try street meals as you come to Istanbul. Wet hamburger, tantuni, kumpir are among the tastes you will not forget. Located in Taksim Square, Kızılkayalar is one of the most famous places you can taste street tastes.

A Final Touch, Turkish Desserts!


Of course, we can not pass dessert while talking about the influence of thousands of years old Ottoman cuisine. In the Turkish cuisine, where milk and syrup desserts are of great importance, baklava, kadayıf, şekepare, rice pudding, kazandibi ve tavukgöğsü come at the forefront of our suggestions. İnci Pastanesi in Taksim and Sütiş in Emirgan are among the best choices for dessert.